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It’s no secret that teachers, firefighters and other civil servants are under attack from extremist politicians and the billionaires bankrolling them. And as Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker moves to run for president in 2016, more hardworking women and men are reckoning with the possibility of a national anti-worker agenda. Walker’s… Read More»

The Walmart store in Pico Rivera, California, was home to the first-ever strike by Walmart employees in the United States in 2012. Walmart only gave employees a few hours’ notice before closing the store this week. Photo by Aurelio Jose Barrera, courtesy of OUR Walmart

UPDATE (4/20/2015): Today, members of OUR Walmart have filed a claim with the National Labor Relations Board seeking an injunction to require Walmart to rehire all 2,200 employees laid off last week. The group has also launched a petition to Walmart CEO Doug McMillon, calling on him to transfer all laid… Read More»

Surprise! Jobs With Justice and an extremist anti-union special interest group agree on the impact of “right-to-work” laws. We argue that states don’t benefit from passing these misnamed laws. The National Right to Work Committee (NRTWC) concurs. The group’s spokesman told the Wisconsin State Journal, “We’re not purporting to prove… Read More»

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Today, the National Labor Relations Board’s chief prosecutor, General Counsel Richard Griffin, jointly charged McDonald’s and several of its franchisees with multiple violations of federal labor law. According to the NLRB’s press release, the agency will pursue 13 complaints involving 78 charges of alleged wrongdoing, while 71 cases remain under… Read More»

In a highly anticipated announcement, a federal judge issued its decision against Walmart yesterday for taking illegal action against employees who participated in strikes at two California stores. An administrative law judge with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ordered the company to stop making unlawful threats against members of… Read More»

For years, Denver SuperShuttle drivers have been fighting for dignity and respect and an end to corporate abuse. Now, with the support of the Denver metro area community, they are getting closer to victory. Despite the airport van service’s growth and profits, SuperShuttle drivers face harsh working conditions and unjust… Read More»

The civil rights movement argued that all workers should be able to organize as a civil right, demanding access to jobs and fair employment practices. Photo via

Last week, Representatives Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) and John Lewis (D-Ga.) introduced a bill that would strengthen protections for workers who are retaliated against for supporting a union. The Employee Empowerment Act would give leverage to workers trying to exercise their right to organize without fear of intimidation by their employer.… Read More»

 An Attack on Working People Is an Attack on Everyone CONTACT: Liz Cattaneo, 202-393-1044 x104 or Washington, D.C. – Following today’s Supreme Court ruling in Harris v. Quinn, Jobs With Justice Executive Director Sarita Gupta issued the following statement: “Today, in an overreaching decision, the Supreme Court limited collective… Read More»

Restaurant Opportunities Center action

Today many workers who try to band together to improve their jobs through traditional workplace organizing face significant impediments at the hand of hostile employers and outdated labor laws. Those challenges are even more noteworthy for the nearly quarter of the workforce that has no protection under the federal National… Read More»

Walmart employees picket outside of the Walmart store in Pico Rivera, California. Photo via Flickr.

In a new trend, low-wage employees at some of the most profitable companies are turning to social media to expose rampant abuses and violations of labor law. Walmart associates could see more hours in their future through a new company program called “Access to Open Shifts.” What started as a… Read More»