Partnerships & Projects

As a “coalition of coalitions,” Jobs With Justice works in close partnership with many allied community organizations, advocacy groups, worker centers, unions, and think tanks. Through these lasting relationships, we build the power needed to win improvements in the lives of working families and our communities.

Jobs With Justice Projects

Labor Research Action Network (LRAN)
Jobs With Justice coordinates LRAN, a network connecting labor scholars with practitioners, enabling them to provide credible research and expertise that can make a difference in the lives of workers.

National Workers Rights Board

Formed by Jobs With Justice, the National Workers’ Rights Board – composed of high-profile community leaders, nationally known academics and writers, celebrities, members of Congress, denominational leaders in the faith community as well as some representatives from local workers’ rights boards – makes a difference in people’s lives by weighing in on issues at the heart of our communities.

Student Labor Action Project (SLAP)
Working with Jobs With Justice and the United States Student Association, SLAP supports the growing student movement for economic justice by making links between campus and community organizing.


Union Partners

National Allies