Staff Members

Erica Smiley

Erica Smiley

Executive Director

Mackenzie Baris

Deputy Director of Program and Base Building

Rachel Coleman

Senior Executive Projects Manager

Denise Diaz

Deputy Director for Institutional Advancement

Ada Fuentes

Membership and Leadership Development Director

Sherman Henry

Labor Center for Advancing Black Strategists and Research

Mina Itabashi

Senior Network Engagement Organizer

Reese Jimenez

Operations & Logistics Manager

Erin Johansson

Research Director

Candace Johnson

Deputy Director for Organizational Strength

Whitney Kuklinski

Digital Strategist

Gabriela Camargo Martins

Communications Director

Stephanie McAninch

Finance Director

Anita Mathias

Network Engagement Organizer

Natalie Patrick-Knox

Senior Organizer – Immigration & Workers Rights

Amaury Pineda, Ph.D.

Policy Analyst

Sandra Saldeño

Finance Associate

Adam Shah

Director of National Policy

Brenden Sloan

Development Director

Joe Thomas

Senior Organizer for Network Capacity

Jason Tomlinson

Advancing Black Strategists Initiative Coordinator

Nafisah Ula

Organizing Director

Mara Ventura

Senior Organizer

Michaela Winter


Jameson Wells


About Our Team

The team at the Jobs With Justice national office is dedicated to fighting for an economy that works for everyone. Our staff showcases a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences – including organizing, campaign, research, communications, training, policy, operations, and fundraising work – as well as a wide range of issue expertise. Click on our photos or names to learn more about us!