Worker Solidarity Fund

Working people from all walks of life are out-of-work and struggling to make ends meet. We’re convening leaders from the most impacted sectors to administer a fund that provides direct cash relief to the people who need it most.  

As of early May we’ve raised over $200,000 and distributed money to hundreds of families, but the need only grows as unemployment numbers soar.

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Why you, and why now? 

Millions of Americans who have been working full-time or otherwise getting paid are receiving stimulus payments for financial hardship experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

While many people actually do need this cash relief, many others recognize how much more important the money would be for someone who urgently needs to pay their rent or put food on the table.  

Together, we are making the commitment to donate our stimulus payments directly to people who need it more, showing them that we will stand with them now and for however long it takes to recover from this crisis.

What makes this fund unique? 

1) The fund will initially be governed by leaders from the most-impacted sectors. All decisions regarding distribution of the funds will be made by this group of leaders who wholly represent Jobs With Justice’s vision for worker-led economic democracy.  

2) Like other funds, short-term money will be distributed to our local Jobs With Justice affiliates who are providing direct cash assistance to workers on the ground.

What will the funds be used for? 

In the short-term, donated funds will be distributed directly to impacted people through our local coalitions who are facilitating cash assistance programs in various locales around the country.  

In places like California, Massachusetts, Long Island and DC, funds are being distributed to affected immigrants, while other locations like Missouri, Tennessee and Chicago are supporting restaurant and hospitality workers. As unemployment numbers soar, each week brings new demand for funds.  

In the medium and long-term, Jobs With Justice will support efforts that fundamentally shift economic paradigms and power dynamics through new organizing models like Unemployed Councils and Gig Worker Councils. 

How much are you trying to raise? 

We have set an initial goal of $500,000 for immediate distribution. We will expand the goal amount once we hit it and will continue to raise funds for as long as is needed to ensure that working families can emerge from this crisis, with new pathways to bargaining and power that may not have existed prior to the pandemic. 

Who can support? 

Individuals who have been working, don’t need the money, or are otherwise looking for a way to directly help people who have been put out of work from this crisis.  

Foundations and Institutions looking to invest in a fund that not only gets distributed to those who need it most, but also builds long-term power for working people at the state and local level.  

Can I make a contribution specifically for workers in a specific sector or geography? 

In general, we are trying to keep the funds as flexible as possible to enable us to most efficiently get funds into the hands of individual workers. However, for gifts over $15,000, we may be able to designate funding to a particular geographic area. Please contact Brenden Sloan at if you would like to discuss a restricted gift.  

I want to mail a check–who should I make it out to and where should I sent it?

People can mail checks to us at the below address made out to “Jobs With Justice Education Fund” with the memo “Worker Solidarity Fund”

Jobs With Justice

1150 Connecticut Avenue NW

Suite 200

Washington, DC 20036

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