October 27, 2021

Tell Your Senators—Working Without the PRO Act is SCARY!!

It’s nearly Halloween and do you want to hear something truly spooky? Bad bosses are getting away with using the threat of firing and pay cuts to prevent tens of millions of workers across the country from speaking out about unsafe or discriminatory working conditions.

We’ve long known that our current system is rigged against working people and is used every single day to frighten and silence us. It prevents workers from coming together to use their collective voice to demand better pay, better working conditions, and the right to join together in union.

Yes, current U.S. labor law can be downright ghoulish, but we can do something about it.

The Protect the Right to Organize or PRO Act has been sitting in the Senate and is still awaiting a vote. We can’t let our senators ghost us and leave us with a bag of tricks this Halloween.

The PRO Act could be the biggest overhaul to U.S. labor law in generations – if passed, it would finally update the rules that remain rigged against working people.

Now THAT would be a treat.

The PRO Act would hold employers accountable for retaliating against workers for attempting to organize a union or against those who speak out on working conditions, pay, or other issues. What’s more, PRO would levy penalties against companies who misclassify workers.

If passed into law, the PRO Act will empower working people and gives them additional tools to organize for a better and fair return on their work. Yet, the Senate continues to sit on the bill.

Today, we gather together in the shadow of our nation’s Capitol and we call on the Senate to pass the PRO Act before the bill turns into a pumpkin.

Sign the petition NOW and tell the Senate that it’s time to put working people first—PASS THE PRO ACT!

October 6, 2020

Election Defenders! Training Series

About this event

(español debajo) With the stakes being as high as they are, voter suppression already more rampant than ever, and the nationalist right emboldened by conspiracy theorists and the President himself, we can’t depend on anyone else ensuring people are able to vote freely and safely.

Election Defenders will be working to provide safe supports for voting (such as PPE and water), and election and voter defense, de-escalating right-wing intimidation tactics and signaling to a network of groups and lawyers if and where trouble breaks out.

These trainings will cover different areas each week so we are asking everyone to attend all four trainings or email to request a video of training.

  • Poll Monitoring
  • Bystander Training
  • De-escalation
  • Direct Action 101
  • Combating Disinformation

Todo está en juego. Somos todos testigos de una descontrolada represion del voto, la derecha nacionalista esta respaldada por los conspiracionistas y por el mismo presidente. No podemos depender de nadie más para asegurar que nuestra gente vote libre y seguramente.

Los Defensores de las Elecciones trabajaran para proporcionar suministros seguros para las votaciones (así como el equipo de protección personal y agua), defender a los votantes y las elecciones, disminuir las tácticas de intimidación por parte de la derecha, y alertar a una red de grupos y abogados si hay disturbios y donde.

Estas capacitaciones cubrirán distintas áreas cada semana. Les pedimos a todo el mundo que asista a todas las cuatro capacitaciones o envíen un email para solicitar una grabación. – Monitoreo de la votación – Capacitación para observadores – Disminución de conflicto – Accion directa – Confrontar la desinformacion

September 21, 2018

Tell Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase to Stop Financing Pain for Corporate Profit!

CoreCivic and GEO Group earn billions of dollars operating prisons, jails, and immigration detention centers used to incarcerate people and separate parents and children. As two of the largest financiers of these prison corporations, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo are complicit in the suffering of too many families. Certain politicians, government agencies, and corporations are rigging the rules of our justice system to criminalize Black people, immigrants and poor folks at disproportionately high rates. They distract and divide the rest of us by provoking fear and hatred of these communities, while banks, private prisons and lobbyists enrich themselves in pursuit of even more people to detain and jail.

It’s time to unite and say, “Enough is enough!” By coming together across races, we can push banks to get out of the cruelty business. Sign our petition to tell Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase to stop financing private prison companies!

July 16, 2018

Tell Microsoft and Other Tech Companies to Sever Ties with ICE!

The cruelty of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has drawn the nation’s attention to the injustices faced by immigrants striving to build a better life in the United States.

Family separation isn’t happening just at the border. It’s happening at workplaces, schools and homes across the country, where the constant presence of ICE agents means that families live under the perpetual threat of deportation.

Holding immigrant children and families in detention camps is horrific. But for some corporations, it’s also very profitable.

That’s why employees at Microsoft are calling on the company to cut their $19.4 million contract with ICE. Other big tech companies like Salesforce, Dell, Motorola, and Hewlett Packard Enterprises are also coming facing pressure from their employees to cut ties with ICE and Customs and Border Protection. Will you have the backs of these brave working people?

Join us to call on Microsoft and other tech companies to live up to their promises, end their contracts with ICE, and stop making millions from the separation of families.

July 10, 2018

Tell Your Senators to stand with working families and block Trump’s Supreme Court nominee

President Trump has picked Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace Anthony Kennedy as the next justice of the U.S. Supreme Court – and we need your help to stop this dangerous nomination.

Kavanaugh’s previous rulings raise grave concerns about whether he will protect our freedom to join together in strong unions and set family sustaining standards over our safety, benefits, and pay or if he will continue to side with corporations and the wealthy few.

On the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, Judge Kavanaugh routinely ruled against working families, rejecting the right of women and men to receive employer-provided health care in the workplace. He sided with employers to deny employees relief from workplace discrimination. Kavanaugh’s opinions also suggest he will align with Trump to gut the Affordable Care Act, allowing profitable health insurance companies to discriminate against millions of people with pre-existing conditions.

We won’t stand by as certain politicians and greedy lobbyists rally to seat someone on the Supreme Court who will continue to rig our economy in their favorWe can build momentum to derail this nomination if enough of us come together and speak out. 

Our representatives in the Senate must reject this nomination and demand a nominee who will protect the rights of working people, uphold our constitutional values of equal justice to all, fairness, dignity, freedom, and democracy.

Write an email to your senators now!

June 27, 2018

Don’t Let the Koch Brothers Have the Last Word

Corporate CEOs and wealthy billionaires just scored a big win in their war on working people. But we’re not giving up.

By interfering in the ability of millions of public employees to come together in strong unions, a small group of corporate CEOs and wealthy billionaires are using the Supreme Court to rig the rules of the economy in their favor.

Despite this ruling, we know the truth. No court, no greedy CEO, no corporate bully will stop working people from exerting their power in numbers. Join us to pledge your unrelenting support for the teachers, bus drivers, nurses, first responders, sanitation workers and countless other who sustain our families and neighborhoods. Together, we will continue to fight for strong unions, well-funded public schools and services, and come together as we did in our past.

Pledge to fight in solidarity with public employees and all working people!

Add your name today and then share this pledge with your family and friends to help build our movement.

March 27, 2018

Tell Disney CEO Bob Iger: Don’t discriminate against your union employees!

Disney and its CEO Bob Iger are discriminating against 41,000 working people fighting for a better life for their families.

On Jan. 23, Disney CEO Bob Iger joined a number of major corporations announcing bonuses as a benefit from the federal tax cut. At Disney, that meant 125,000 employees would see a payout in the amount of $1,000.

But while Disney offered most Cast Members the bonuses with no conditions, for over 41,000 union members in Orlando, FL and Anaheim, CA currently in contract negotiations, there was a catch: They must agree to the company’s insulting contract proposals.

Together with their unions, the people who feed, entertain, serve and clean up after guests at Disney theme parks are demanding a $15 living wage. But even after a new report revealed that 73% of Disneyland crew members do not earn enough for basic expenses every month, and 11% have been homeless, the company still refuses to budge.

So-called family-friendly businesses like Disney should not go out of their way to make life harder for the people who work for them. The cast members who make Disney so successful deserve job standards and wages that value families, NOT broken promises.

Add your name to tell CEO Bob Iger to pay all Disney Employees the bonuses he promised them and to go back to the bargaining table with their unions.