Job Openings

Jobs With Justice Education Fund is an affirmative action employer and strongly encourages people of color, women, l/g/b/t/q individuals, those with disabilities, and those with working class backgrounds to apply.

Operations Organizer, Portland Jobs With Justice

What is Portland Jobs with Justice (JwJ)?

JwJ is a growing, 30-year-old coalition of over 100 labor, faith, and community organizations — as well as thousands of activists who have pledged to take action 5 times a year — dedicated to building an intersectional social justice movement that includes all working people in the Portland metro area.

We at JwJ have a staff of three currently and know there is more to be fulfilled in our mission by adding a full-time staff person at this time.

About the position:

JwJ is seeking an Operations Organizer to help our organization continue our standout history of being rooted in and connected to our members, our growing membership base, and upholding our values even when it means punching above our weight as a smaller organization in the long-haul fight for workers rights. While fundraising is a key component of this work, the injection of strategic attention to tasks and goals that saves time, implementing efficient processes, and takes advantage of technology is equally important. Only by keeping good lists, having readily available information internally and externally, and retaining regularity with events and communication responsiveness can Jobs with Justice have the impact in the community that we are accustomed and proud to have.

The ideal candidate will be experienced in and committed to multi-issue and multi-organization social justice work. The ideal candidate will be passionate about working smart and working as a team. They will be comfortable alternatively behind the scenes and in the leadership of events, meetings, and communications that are for the broad public or partners or affiliates. They will be suited to working on details, also interested in the next big ideas at JwJ and in the labor movement. They will be committed to building strong, lasting, accountable relationships, inside the organization at present and to grow the organization for future. They will lead to center and empower the (global) working class; Black, Indigenous, and people of color communities; and a diversity and equity of ages, gender, and ability.

This position is currently mostly remote aside from in-person rallies and events. Return to in-person work will be negotiated per collective bargaining agreement.

Specific roles/responsibilities held by the Operations Organizer:

Serving as part of the organization’s staff team and its communication needs

  • Organize and provide staff support to a few issue and/or operational committees of the organization, often composed otherwise entirely of volunteers
  • Help the staff fairly share administrative and correspondence responsibilities
  • Attend the organization’s key meetings, including those of the Steering Committee and the Executive Board
  • Support the Executive Director and the rest of the team via idea generation and task coverage and adherence to internal staff protocols
  • Participate in actions and mobilizations
  • Represent JwJ where needed, including presentations or tablings
  • Share in the stewardship and analytics of JwJ’s social media accounts and website
  • To varying degree, to be determined, participate in generation of posts, event pages, flyers, calendar items, and graphics

Creating and maintaining records

  • Proactively and responsively pursue excellent recordkeeping of JwJ’s data and data processes
  • Work events, particularly as it pertains to their attendees, their promotion, their tracking,their follow-up, and their record in the organization’s database
  • Be the main administrative aid to the organization’s committee lists and affiliate list and the like, with strong familiarity achieved in the websites relevant to the task(s), though no technical computing skills shall be required
  • Strategically build and maintain relationships to make your work and the organization’s work successful, including with volunteers who may be serving (or may need to be recruited to be serving) in JwJ’s internal organizing structure


  • Monitor and plan JwJ’s traditional organization-wide fundraising events (or their evolutions or equivalents), which are open to the public and which typically number three per year
  • Aid in other fundraising efforts, such as those taken on by particular committees
  • Spur individual giving, including by phonebank-driven (and/or email-blast-driven) campaigns for donations
  • Support the organization’s grantseeking and foundation relationship management via tasks assigned by Executive Director
  • In timely fashion, work with websites and software to generate reports of funds raised


  • Grassroots organizing experience or worker organizing experience
  • Commitment to work for intersectional social change, and in context of an anti-white-supremacy organization with diversity and equity goals and plans
  • User or past user of the Google suite of services for productivity (or confidence to learn), and generally proficient as a learner and user of websites, software, and databases
  • Skill set for diligent, accurate work that can balance multiple projects
  • Can work independently; can also execute others’ vision or a group vision
  • Excellent communication skills (both written and oral) and professional communicative manner
  • Experience in successful fundraising
  • Willingness and ability to work irregular hours including occasional weekend and evening work
  • Own or can acquire a vehicle available for work (mileage is reimbursed)

Additional desirable qualities (not requirements):

  • Experience with Action Network, Salesforce, WordPress
  • Familiarity with unions and their organizing, relationships, democracy, CBAs, and contract campaigns
  • Familiarity with corporate campaigns and/or local or statewide policy campaigns
  • Fluency in a language other than English
  • Knowledge and/or experience in a Jobs with Justice chapter or model
  • Familiarity with our landscape of organizations and issues in the Portland metro area
  • Organizing experience in immigrant communities or other vulnerable communities

Compensation and benefits: This is a full-time position, with a posted starting salary of $44,200. JwJ offers health and dental insurance, three weeks’ vacation, and paid holidays. This position is covered by a collective bargaining agreement and is CWA Local 7901-represented.

To apply: Your application should consist of a cover letter and resume emailed to by October 29, 2021. Earlier-than-deadline submissions are encouraged. Please include your cover letter and resume in one single document, PDF preferred. Please include “Operations Organizer” as well as your last name in the subject line of your email. Position shall be understood to be open until filled.

Portland Jobs with Justice is an equal opportunity employer. Black, Indigenous, and people of color, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ people, people from poor and working class backgrounds, and other marginalized identities are strongly encouraged to apply.