Yesterday, after a year of inaction and obstruction by House Republicans, President Obama vowed that he will begin to fix the broken immigration system through his Constitutional authority to take executive actions. He pledged to begin doing so later this summer. With this announcement comes an opportunity for the president… Read More»

Oregon joins Philadelphia and Baltimore in refusing to hold people in jail without probable cause at the request of ICE. Congratulations Portland Jobs with Justice on this important victory!

Photo from Massachusetts Jobs with Justice

Although President Obama has called deportations “heartbreaking,” immigrants in the United States continue to be separated from their families at a record pace. Nearly two million deportations have taken place under the Obama administration to date. On March 13, the President finally ordered the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to… Read More»

CONTACT: Ori Korin, 202-393-1044 x126 Washington, D.C. – Following the U.S. Senate’s vote to confirm Jeh Johnson as U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, Jobs With Justice issued the following statement: “We commend the Senate for confirming Jeh Johnson, a competent leader to oversee the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).… Read More»

In its current broken state, the immigration system provides an incentive for employers to recruit undocumented workers into the shadows of the economy, denying millions of workers access to basic rights and protections on the job. For far too long, bad employers have been manipulating our weak immigration and labor… Read More»

It is far too easy for bad employers to exploit immigrant workers and use their immigration status as a weapon to prevent them from speaking out about the abuse. When employers call immigration to retaliate against workers, they have our broken immigration system on their side, and can simply deport… Read More»

Protesting Unjust Deportations in Phoenix

This weekend Jobs with Justice leaders joined in the fight to address the deportation crisis that continues to put workers’ rights at risk. Alvaro Ramirez and Bliss Requa-Trautz of Western Massachusetts Jobs with Justice traveled to Phoenix to join with hundreds of day laborers and immigrant rights advocates for a… Read More»

Jenn D’Agostino from Coalition for Economic Justice in Buffalo, N.Y., was arrested as part massive nonviolent direct action at the base of the Capitol.
Jenn D’Agostino from Coalition for Economic Justice in Buffalo, N.Y., was arrested as part massive nonviolent direct action at the base of the Capitol.

October is heating up with local and national escalations demanding change to our broken immigration system.  Our push for immigration reform is urgent as the deportation crisis continues to hurt workers and their families Every day Congress stalls on immigration reform, cases of worker abuse are piling up and workers… Read More»

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Jamaican guestworkers fighting against labor abuse  won a breakthrough pledge from federal immigration authorities not to collude with their employer in deporting them. These guestworkers came to Florida to clean condos this summer and were alarmed at what they experienced — extremely unsafe living conditions and many reported working without… Read More»