The President’s State of the Union address Tuesday reminded us all of one of the key principles we continue to fight for: everyone deserves a fair shot, and everyone should pay their fair share. Working families should not have to pay more just so the wealthy can pay less. Congress… Read More»

Cross-posted from the United Workers Congress The United Workers Congress is encouraged that the Senate’s announcement and President Obama’s statement on immigration this week mark the long-awaited beginning of the country’s immigration reform. Our members have fought for decades to protect the rights of low wage, undocumented workers who were… Read More»

Sitting on the sidelines isn’t an option when the push for immigration reform is shaping up to become one of the key political and economic debates in 2013. We–along with many workers’ rights and immigration reform advocates–are working to ensure that our nation’s leaders take a broad, inclusive, and humane… Read More»

CONTACT: Ori Korin, 202-822-2127 x126 Washington, D.C. – Last week, three employees of Louisiana-based C.J.’s Seafood, a Walmart supplier, were granted U-Visas by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, a classification designed to protect immigrant crime victims and aid criminal investigations. Earlier this year, the C.J.’s Seafood workers exposed… Read More»

When unscrupulous employers fail to uphold labor standards for certain groups of workers, like undocumented immigrants, all U.S. workers suffer the consequences. By driving down labor standards to the lowest common denominator, it becomes harder to enforce laws and standards even for native-born workers. In this report we focus on… Read More»