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Teachers Map our Path to Power

April 11, 2018

In the last six weeks, educators and school employees in politically red states have taken direct action to improve conditions for themselves and their students. Their militancy models what it means for working people to act like a union—regardless of how employers define them. Like the Memphis sanitation workers 50… Read More»

Betsy DeVos – Uneducated About Public Education

February 3, 2017

While the Senate continues to advance Betsy DeVos’ nomination to head the Department of Education, concerned parents, students, educators, community members, and a growing number of senators staunchly oppose her confirmation. DeVos may be President Donald Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education, but she is nothing more than another out-of-touch… Read More»

Two Major Cities Unite and Fight for Quality Public Education

April 8, 2013

Across the country, the corporate agenda, which holds as a chief objective transforming public education in the US into a privatized, for-profit enterprise, continues to make advances in its agenda. As a result, communities continue to face a preventable crisis where our public schools are labeled expendable by city officials… Read More»