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Labor Department Tells Employers to Come Clean About Unionbusting

March 23, 2016

UPDATE (11/21/16): Unfortunately, on November 16, 2016, Texas federal Judge Samuel Cummings threw out Obama administration rules giving teeth to the legal requirement that companies must report whenever they hire unionbusting consultants. Judge Cummings order finalized an earlier preliminary ruling that temporarily blocked the rules this summer.  His decision accepted the unionbusting… Read More»

Executive Action on Immigration Will Help Workers

December 19, 2014

Years of organizing, mobilizing and courageous actions by immigrants and their allies have finally given way to relief for millions of our friends and neighbors through the president’s historic executive action on immigration. While the relief is limited and temporary, it should be recognized as important progress toward fixing our… Read More»

Want a Federal Contract? Treat Your Workers Fairly.

July 31, 2014

President Obama issued an executive order that holds federal contractors accountable for violating their workers’ rights by making it harder for repeat lawbreakers to win future contracts. Read Sarita Gupta’s statement and learn more here.  

Executive Action on Immigration Could Protect Workers’ Rights

July 1, 2014

Yesterday, after a year of inaction and obstruction by House Republicans, President Obama vowed that he will begin to fix the broken immigration system through his Constitutional authority to take executive actions. He pledged to begin doing so later this summer. With this announcement comes an opportunity for the president… Read More»

85 people are now as wealthy as half of the world

January 23, 2014

A recent report by Oxfam has shed new light on the growing crisis of economic inequality. According to the report, one percent of the human population now controls almost half of the world’s wealth. The 85 wealthiest individuals own as much as half of the world’s population. The report warns… Read More»