Author: Natalie Patrick-Knox

Teriyaki House employees, along with JWJ Senior Policy Analyst Michael Wasser, tell their story on Capitol Hill and present the case for the POWER act.

Vicente, Pedro and their co-workers at Teriyaki House in Providence, Rhode Island, worked grueling shifts, often spending more than 72 hours per week in the restaurant’s kitchen. They say their boss only permitted them to take a single 15-minute meal break each day. And when payday rolled around, forget overtime,… Read More»

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This week, leaders from Jobs With Justice will join 100 immigrant women as they walk 100 miles from Pennsylvania’s York County Detention Center, a site of human suffering, to Washington, D.C., where they will ask Pope Francis to carry his message of human dignity for migrants to the politicians he… Read More»

Years of organizing, mobilizing and courageous actions by immigrants and their allies have finally given way to relief for millions of our friends and neighbors through the president’s historic executive action on immigration. While the relief is limited and temporary, it should be recognized as important progress toward fixing our… Read More»

Reyna Sorto is one of the many Tito's employees fired after sticking her neck out to improve her job. The NLRB ordered Tito to reinstate Reyna, and she is entitled to backpay for being illegally fired.

UPDATE: In late November, 50 Washington, DC-based immigrant workers employed by Tito Contractors successfully voted for union representation with IUPAT District Council 51. This came on the heels of the an NLRB administrative law judge agreeing that workers were owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in back wages in response to… Read More»

After years of pressure on policymakers to fix the broken immigration system, families and communities finally have hope for some needed relief. President Obama has promised to use his executive authority to grant immigrants relief and to reform harmful enforcement procedures. However, the question remains whether it will go far… Read More»

Yesterday, after a year of inaction and obstruction by House Republicans, President Obama vowed that he will begin to fix the broken immigration system through his Constitutional authority to take executive actions. He pledged to begin doing so later this summer. With this announcement comes an opportunity for the president… Read More»

The POWER CampaignThe POWER Campaign seeks to eliminate the threat of ICE in worker organizing efforts. It also aims to expand protections for worker leaders who stand up to unscrupulous employers. Learn more through our new fact sheet: About the POWER Campaign

Jenn D’Agostino from Coalition for Economic Justice in Buffalo, N.Y., was arrested as part massive nonviolent direct action at the base of the Capitol.
Jenn D’Agostino from Coalition for Economic Justice in Buffalo, N.Y., was arrested as part massive nonviolent direct action at the base of the Capitol.

October is heating up with local and national escalations demanding change to our broken immigration system.  Our push for immigration reform is urgent as the deportation crisis continues to hurt workers and their families Every day Congress stalls on immigration reform, cases of worker abuse are piling up and workers… Read More»

Jobs with Justice leader Deb Kline was arrested today in front of the U.S. Capitol in an act of civil disobedience demanding Congress take action to pass immigration reform that will treat women and children fairly. Approximately 100 women – including undocumented immigrants and Deb Kline from Cleveland Jobs with… Read More»

Sarita Gupta arrested for protesting for immigration reform

On August 1, our Executive Director Sarita Gupta was arrested in an act of civil disobedience with more than 40 other national leaders in front of the U.S. House of Representatives to send a clear message that Congress must move our nation forward by passing comprehensive immigration reform legislation that… Read More»