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Lesley Singer, a foreperson and member of LIUNA Local 563, in front of US Bank stadium

As a Philadelphia area native and lifelong Eagles fan, I’m overflowing with pride in our team. Last night’s Super Bowl rewarded our city with a beautiful victory, after we endured decades of yelling at the players, live and on TV. Today, Philly fans over the world are brimming with excitement.… Read More»

This primer on unionbusting answers frequently asked questions about the companies and firms who are set on opposing unions. Check out Unions 101 and Strikes 101 too! What Is Unionbusting? The term unionbusting describes the planned course of action to stop workers from organizing a union or to destroy a… Read More»

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Updated March 2016 Existing labor and employment laws dictate fundamental baseline employment standards, but often fail to ensure that working people can secure a decent standard of living. Today, less than 13 percent of the U.S. workforce has the power to improve their wages and working conditions through collective bargaining.… Read More»

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What is collective bargaining? Collective bargaining is the formal process of negotiation between an employer and a group of employees—often with their union representative—that sets the terms and conditions of work. Collective bargaining results in a collective bargaining agreement (CBA), a legally binding agreement that lays out policies agreed to… Read More»

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A recent study has proven what millions of working people have known for years: Work is stressful, and many employers only make things worse. A new poll from NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that among working adults who have felt… Read More»

UPDATE (11/21/16): Unfortunately, on November 16, 2016, Texas federal Judge Samuel Cummings threw out Obama administration rules giving teeth to the legal requirement that companies must report whenever they hire unionbusting consultants. Judge Cummings order finalized an earlier preliminary ruling that temporarily blocked the rules this summer.  His decision accepted the unionbusting… Read More»

Download this compilation of data and resources for advocates defending the public sector and the men and women who work in public service. Download Defending the Public Sector

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This past January, the insurance giant Aetna announced that it would raise its minimum wage to $16 an hour, and in late April, these raises finally made it into its employees’ pockets. As part of an effort to reduce the stress faced by front-line customer service associates in addressing their… Read More»

A new report released by researchers at Rutgers University Center for Women and Work breaks new ground in studying the growing field of care work by asking home-care consumers to define “quality” care and describe how care-worker training affects the quality of care they receive. Through interviews with both care… Read More»

The Supreme Court will issue a decision this month that could repeal collective bargaining rights for home-care workers. Learn the potential impact the ruling could have on care workers, care consumers and working people. You can make your voice heard by adding your name to our petition and stand with… Read More»