Ballot initiatives restore voting rights to Floridians with past felony convictions, and raise the minimum wage and take power back from special interests in Missouri Washington, D.C.— Jobs With Justice, a national nonprofit organization leading the fight for working peoples’ rights, today applauded the work of activists, supporters and coalitions… Read More»

Arnessa Johnson collects the signature of St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson to place the Raise Up Missouri minimum wage initiative on the ballot this fall. 

By Richard von Glahn, Missouri Jobs With Justice This week, St. Louis, Missouri made national headlines for all the wrong reasons. Starting Monday, August 28, paychecks for working people across the city plummeted because Republican legislators voted to nullify the St. Louis minimum wage ordinance. This galling move of politicians… Read More»

We typically can find a great deal or make smart choices when shopping for everyday goods and services. Sometimes we look to experts, like doctors, lawyers, and investment professionals, to aid us in making informed decisions about our health, our money, and our futures. Unfortunately, many actors in the financial… Read More»

Working people, city officials, and supporters of a higher minimum wage in St. Louis recently won a major victory after the Missouri Supreme Court ruled the city could in fact raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour immediately and $11 an hour in 2018. Big business organizations ultimately lost their… Read More»

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Kristian Blackmon is an organizer in St. Louis with Missouri Jobs With Justice. She has also been active in the Movement for Black lives in metro St. Louis. We spoke to her about the work of Missouri Jobs With Justice and how its work has changed more than a year… Read More»

Sarita Gupta speaks at a briefing about the need for resources for states to find innovative solutions to the long-term care crisis.

The number of Americans needing long-term care in the United States is expected to more than double from 12 million today to 27 million by 2050. Someone turns 65 every eight seconds, and more than 70 percent of seniors will need care at some point in their lives for an… Read More»

It’s no secret that the world’s most profitable employers often pay some of the lowest wages. Companies like Walmart and McDonald’s make billions each year, yet their employees rely on taxpayer-funded government assistance just to make ends meet. Now, men and women employed at these companies have taken bold risks… Read More»

On strike for poverty wages
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On Thursday, in 100 different cities around the country, fast-food workers across the country are walking off the job to speak out against unsustainable, poverty-level wages paid to workers in the restaurant industry. These men and women work for our nation’s most profitable food chains and still aren’t able to… Read More»

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2013 has been an exciting year for Caring Across Generations – a national campaign Jobs With Justice co-anchors with the National Domestic Workers Alliance. Here are a few highlights from the past year: Mother’s Day at the Capitol Jump-starts Momentum for Senate and House Resolutions On May 6 and 7, … Read More»