Author: Joel Mendelson

On a late-October morning, Jobs With Justice, alongside partners in the labor movement, and elected officials gathered on the steps of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters overlooking the U.S. Capitol. We were there to call on Congress to pass the Protect the Right to Organize (PRO) Act and bring much-needed… Read More»

It’s nearly Halloween and do you want to hear something truly spooky? Bad bosses are getting away with using the threat of firing and pay cuts to prevent tens of millions of workers across the country from speaking out about unsafe or discriminatory working conditions. We’ve long known that our current… Read More»

About this event (español debajo) With the stakes being as high as they are, voter suppression already more rampant than ever, and the nationalist right emboldened by conspiracy theorists and the President himself, we can’t depend on anyone else ensuring people are able to vote freely and safely. Election Defenders… Read More»