Author: Beth Huang

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Update (10/30/2015): This week, the Obama administration finalized rules that ban fees on debit cards given to students as part of their federal financial aid. These new standards, which go into effect next July, will eliminate charges for overdrafts and other fees, and require card companies to make sure that students… Read More»

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Last week, undergraduate student workers who provide academic support in University of Massachusetts-Amherst residence halls overwhelmingly voted for union representation with the UAW by a margin of 47-2. The University had fought against the peer mentors’ desire to band together for a voice on the job, and claimed that they… Read More»

Last week, undergraduate students employed as “peer mentors” at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst won the right to form a union. The Commonwealth Employment Relations Board, which oversees labor disputes in the state, ruled in favor of the university employees after UMass-Amherst blocked their petition for an election earlier… Read More»

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Wall Street continues to eye higher education investments as a new way to increase their bottom line. As college costs increase and students go further into debt, Wall Street has made a killing on profits from higher education spending while students and taxpayers foot the bill. Below are some shocking… Read More»

Chanel Carroll’s video, “Tuition,” a parody of Beyoncé’s “Partition,” struck a nerve with students and borrowers. With over 100,000 views, the video became an overnight sensation for shedding some comedic light on the serious issue of the student debt crisis. Her message of “Pay off … My loans please …… Read More»