March 6, 2014

Jonathan Williams

You might want to show your senators this map

1 Comment on “You might want to show your senators this map”

  1. John Frith Stewart

    How can any rational person, other than the “billionaires”, refuse to raised the minimum wage? Those who take that position, are willing to make a country filled with indentured employees, rather than have a country filled with individuals who can actually afford to purchase U S manufactured goods.
    Come on, now — be fair and support this start , at least, at a better wages’ rate, so they can help build a stronger economy.
    Reminder to the “rich” , who sell their services and products–if you want to sell more products and services, then you need to assure that there are enough people who can afford to make purchases, and thereby create more employment opportunities.
    John Frith Stewart

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