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This makes East Orange the fourth city in New Jersey to guarantee paid sick leave. Who’s next?

Hint: It rhymes with “wall art.”

The average woman working full-time could lose up to $1,200 in earnings per child, according to a new report by Third Way. Learn more here:

This San Francisco restaurant owner instituted stable, predictable schedules for her employees – and it’s paid off. “In an industry with high turnover, she hasn’t had to hire a kitchen worker in more than three years – four have been there for well over a decade – and more than… Read More»

A new report from the Economic Policy Institute debunks “trickle down” economics.

Watch John Oliver break down the student loan crisis:

Set schedules are almost unheard of in the restaurant industry — but this restaurant in San Francisco has proven they’re good for business. “Piallat, the restaurant owner, said she believes her worker-friendly policies have helped her bottom line… She initially instituted policies such as set schedules and benefits ‘because I… Read More»

President Obama issued an executive order that holds federal contractors accountable for violating their workers’ rights by making it harder for repeat lawbreakers to win future contracts. Read Sarita Gupta’s statement and learn more here.  

When you work AT McDonald’s, you work FOR McDonald’s. In a significant ruling, the NLRB’s general counsel classified McDonald’s as a “joint employer,” which means the company may finally be held responsible for how workers are treated at its restaurants. Learn more!