Photo courtesy of Making Change at Walmart.

While median pay for most retail salespeople is only $21,410, The Container Store chooses to pay its sales clerks an average of $48,000 a year. As a result, the company’s turnover rate is only 10 percent, compared to the industry average of 100 percent.

An unreleased analysis by the Department of Education, recently revealed by Center for Investigative Reporting, shows as many as 133 for-profit colleges rely almost completely on taxpayers for revenue. “They range from small proprietary trade schools like Trendsetters of Florida School of Beauty & Barbering in Jacksonville to for-profit giants… Read More»

“We got rid of tuition fees because we do not want higher education which depends on the wealth of the parents,” Gabrielle Heinen-Kjajic, the minister for science and culture in Lower Saxony, said in a statement.

Women who earn the federal tipped minimum wage of only $2.13/hour are twice as likely to face sexual harassment at work as women in states requiring the full minimum wage, according to a new report by Restaurant Opportunities Centers United. “We need to eliminate the sub-minimum wage for tipped workers… Read More»

Washington, D.C. joins the rest of the world in guaranteeing paid family leave to city employees. While 183 other countries provide it to all employees, in the United States, only 12 percent of workers have access to paid family leave.

Ordinary, middle-income Americans give away 6 percent of their income to charity. Some billionaires give away over 25 percent of their net worth to charity. The chair of Walmart on the other hand… Learn more about the Walton’s phony philanthropy.

That’s 14.5 percent of all households in the United States. Learn more:

Learn more about Walmart’s potentially illegal scheme to fund its corporate PAC.