April 4, 2016

Leaked Video Shows Majority of Chamber Members Support Predictable Schedules


April 4, 2016

Bailey Dick
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Washington D.C. – Footage of a webinar leaked to The Washington Post today shows that the majority of state Chamber of Commerce members support fair scheduling policies and suggests Chamber lobbyists may be misrepresenting their members in their opposition of predictable scheduling policies.

The video includes results of an internal poll that found 78 percent of current or prospective Chamber members support measures that would require employers to provide advance notice of schedules and end abusive “on-call” shifts that leave without a guarantee of work or pay for their time. These and other sustainable scheduling measures are already required under new rules enacted in San Francisco and are under consideration in a half-dozen other communities across the country.

The Chamber poll underscores the widespread support for setting standards that make sure that working people have schedules that allow them pay to their bills, plan their lives and take care of their loved ones. The landmark legislation to improve schedules for 40,000 retail employees in San Francisco was passed unanimously by the city’s Board of Supervisors, and a January poll found that 86 percent of D.C. residents would support pending legislation that would mandate more stable hours and predictable work schedules from employers. Dozens of national retailers have also ended or pledged to end the use of on-call schedules in their stores after public, employee and legal pressure to do so.

“This video proves what we already know to be true: That the overwhelming majority of people support the creation of rules that allow working people spend time with their families while earning enough to support them. It’s what we hope to do through the Hours and Sustainability Act before D.C. Council right now. It’s time for our elected officials to embrace this policy that has the clear backing of both business leaders and District residents, so that everyone working in our community can have the stability and enough hours at work to provide for their families,” said Ari Schwartz, Lead Organizer at D.C. Jobs With Justice.

“When our store associates get enough hours at work and a decent schedule, the more likely they are to stay with us and keep our customers happy. And likewise, when District residents have sustainable jobs, they’re more able to shop at locally owned stores with their families,” said Gina Schaefer, owner of A Few Cool Hardware Stores. “It would be a big step forward if the City Council should usher in these commonsense scheduling standards so that the chain companies that operate in our city do right by our community—the way mom-and-pop store owners have been doing things for years.”

To learn more about the Hours and Scheduling Stability Act, visit dcjusthours.org.


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