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We are mourning and facing anxiety about the many forms of murder and violence we see over and over in our communities. Jobs With Justice does not support violence in any form. We are grieving with the families of the men and women murdered this month. The killing of Alton… Read More»

New analysis by the Economic Policy Institute and Jobs With Justice of U.S. Department of Labor data suggests that the leading users of the H-1B high-skilled guestworker visa program in Silicon Valley, and across California, are companies that essentially act as temporary staffing agencies. These companies make permanent work insecure… Read More»

Women cannot always count on their employer to give them equal pay for an equal day’s work. But we can close the gap if working women like Atisha Perdue are able to come together to negotiate the terms of their work. Learn more about Atisha, her fight for fair pay… Read More»

This post was written by Darryl Lorenzo Wellington, a writing fellow at the Center for Community Change. 2016 has been a particularly volatile election season. The winds of change have swept through the electorate. Both parties have experienced “revolutions” by a voter electorate frustrated by traditional party politics and stagnated… Read More»

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Kristian Blackmon is an organizer in St. Louis with Missouri Jobs With Justice. She has also been active in the Movement for Black lives in metro St. Louis. We spoke to her about the work of Missouri Jobs With Justice and how its work has changed more than a year… Read More»

According to new data obtained by Jobs With Justice Education Fund, only 1 percent of potentially eligible borrowers are currently enrolled in the U.S. Department of Education’s Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. More than 33 million Americans, including teachers, emergency personnel, social workers, and those employed at nonprofit organizations stand… Read More»

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The Changing Nature of Work: An Issue Brief on Contingent, Fissured and On-Demand Employment By the Jobs With Justice Education Fund Businesses aren’t just changing the way work is done; they’re increasingly altering the very foundation of work. More women and men are finding themselves in contingent and fissured work… Read More»