March 1, 2023

Whitney Kuklinski

New JWJ Series

“For far too long we have been comfortable with dominant narratives of who workers are and what they want. These imposed narratives often fail to reflect the breadth of diversity of our workforce and the complexity of our lives.”The Future We Need

Jobs With Justice cultivates deep relationships nationally through the power of our network. Within this national network are dozens of organizers committed to working alongside their communities to build worker power.   

The new JWJ series “7 questions with…” will explore the network through the lens of JWJ organizers. While we talk a little shop, we’ll also discover what songs or albums are currently in their rotation, discuss superpowers, and more. The individual experiences of these organizers – their childhood, early movement work, and sources of inspiration – are worth celebrating. 

In our first episode, we visit Philadelphia Jobs With Justice to talk with organizer Pallavi Rao. Raised in Hazard, Kentucky, Pallavi joined the movement as a community organizer working with disabled coal miners suffering from black lung.  

“That was how I got into the movement. Wanting to fight for jobs that would provide financial stability for people and their communities, but not at the cost of their health.” 

Watch the full episode of “7 Questions with Pallavi Rao” below. 

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