January 28, 2014

Jonathan Williams

You won’t believe how this councilwoman spends her $117K salary

Not only is she giving away half of her salary, she says wonderful things like this:

“Seattle City Councilmembers receive over $117,000 a year — the second highest of any city council in the country. Inevitably, such a salary removes Councilmembers from the realities of life for working people. I will only take home $40,000 per year. This amount is roughly the full-time take-home pay of a Seattleite.

After paying taxes, the remainder of my salary will go to a Solidarity Fund to help build social justice movements. Throughout the year I will be making donations from this Solidarity Fund to causes such as workers’ strike funds, and environmental, civil rights, and women’s rights campaigns.”

Read more about Seattle’s groundbreaking city councilmember: http://nbcnews.to/1k2R31V

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