April 5, 2013

Jobs With Justice

Walmart Supplier Stages Violent Attack on Workers — Help Demand Respect!


Just one month ago, courageous workers at a Nicaraguan garment factory staged a peaceful protest to advocate for better working conditions — but the company they worked for, a Walmart supplier, paid a mob of 300 people to attack them with scissors, metal pipes and other weapons.

These workers are fighting to improve their working conditions, demand respect, and win better wages. They’re trying to form a union, but they’re facing extreme retaliation. Sixteen workers have already been illegally fired in this fight. Walmart refuses to intervene, even though it is one of the supplier’s largest partners, and is in a position to put a stop to the abuse.

Sign the petition and tell Walmart to demand its suppliers reinstate the workers, end all violent and illegal practices inside the factory and reimburse workers for medical bills and stolen property that resulted from the violent attack March 4.­

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