February 10, 2014

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Walmart Store Manager Exposes Systematic Attack on Employee Benefits

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Following a series of articles from Walmart employees describing what it’s like to work for the world’s largest private employer, Gawker has just published an anonymous email from a much different perspective: a longtime store manager.

The current assistant store manager was compelled to share his own experience after reading several accounts written by store associates.

The author describes in detail how the company has systematically slashed employee benefits over the course of two decades. “Walmart has been hacking on its benefit and pay structure for years to save on cost,” he says, including merit-based raises, profit-sharing programs and full-time hours. The company has also initiated new programs, such as pay caps for certain positions. “I have many associates who have not received a raise in nearly nine years,” he claims.

Many of these changes came directly from the home office. Walmart has increasingly centralized its employee policies over the last two decades, including hourly raises. Whereas store managers used to be able to provide raises, “now all pay is controlled by home office.”

Walmart has also imposed new restrictions on the number of full-time employees at each store. The company previously required 60 percent of employees to be full-time and has now cut that down to 40 percent full-time, 40 percent part-time and 20 percent temporary workers who are not entitled to any benefits.

“Do you know how hard it is to go to someone that makes $8.85 an hour and tell him, sorry but I have to cut you down to 25.5 hours. These people can barely pay their rent as it is and with no notice we cut their hours.”

Just as many associates have faced retaliation for speaking out, including being outright fired, the author echoed similar concerns for his own job. “I could never send an honest feedback such as this email to anyone of authority at Walmart without being retaliated.”

This latest revelation lends further credence to the federal government’s case against the company for alleged unlawful retaliation against employees exercising their rights. With so many aspects of company policy originating from the home office, it appears unlikely that such retaliatory actions against employees are isolated incidents restricted to a few store managers.

As even more light is shed on what it’s like to work for the world’s largest retailer, we will continue to support Walmart employees speaking out for decent wages, adequate hours and respect on the job.

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232 Comments on “Walmart Store Manager Exposes Systematic Attack on Employee Benefits”

  1. Ernie

    The Vermont Country Store treats its employees in exactly the same fashion. Besides working for $9.00 per hour, call center workers are often sent home in the middle of their shift if some “manager” determines that call volume is too low to justify the number of workers. Often workers are sent home after working an hour or so – maybe not even enough to pay for their gasoline to get to work. If a worker has to call in sick, they almost always are sent home early the next day.

    The list of abuses goes on, and liberals everywhere think the Vermont Country Store is a “wonderful business”, but it really is no diffrent from Wal Mart.

    1. Jen

      Im all for people working hard, starting their own businesses and being rewarded for it. But unfortunately greed and the corporate mentality (which is where shareholders are separated from the reality of their earnings… makes it easier to justify doing whatever it takes just to increase their dividends) manifests this cruelty towards humanity. If you are profiting more money than you could ever use, and keep profiting yet make it impossible for others to even work a full week (and these are people that want to work) then that is wrong, plain and simple. On top of that, tax payers are subsidizing healthcare, because walmart doesnt want to since they choose to intentionally hire part time workers. So we are actually giving walmart money out of our taxes. They probably end up profiting off the government because they have amazing tax lawyers and pay a percentage below most people who make under 40,000 per year. I am actually a small business owner & independent contractor so pay double taxes.
      In any case, if a company I work with decides to send me home early (unless given previous notice) without compensation for the full hours agreed, I will not work with them again. The cost & time of getting somewhere and only working 4 hours instead of 8 is not worth it. Plus I could have contracted to work with someone else for those hours. Its like stealing hours to make someone be available the whole time, yet send them home without pay for that time. I have often contracted multiple clients for back to back events, and in the past worked 2 or 3 jobs. This allowed me to make much more money, and had these places pulled stunts like that I would not have been able to do that. Workers should at least be given a choice to stay, rather than forced to leave or worse.. forced to lose hours in the middle of a shift where they would not have time to leave or really do anything. Then they could actually know their hours and have an opportunity to work more than one job, instead of being scheduled for a bunch of hours and then being cut at the last minute.

  2. Vanessa Zoraya Negrón Maldonad

    I use to work for this company for 10 years and every year my job was in jeopardy for whatever reason, my hard earn raised was always cut short because there was a new assistan sm and he/she didn’t kniw me to give me what I deserved, the medical insurance is half your pay check and still you need to pay more because they ask fir copay, my supervisor committed sexual harassment with me and other ass. And everyone got fired except him.

    1. The Rock

      If you are NOT doing your job at the level expected, then your job SHOULD be in jeopardy. How many times did you call out? How many times were you coached for attendance? How many times were you late for work, because you chose to get a cup of coffee and stand around in the breakroom talking to other employees instead of going straight to your area and do what you are being paid for?

      1. Jonathanp55

        to The rock: you sir, need to shut the fuck up please. you are obviously a perfect Walmart employee, They would love you. spend all your life counting inventory of condoms and walk around with your white shirt and walkie like your hot shit. remember, you still work for WALMART

  3. dick

    i think as a worker i notice the most that they are reducing us down from full time to part time workers,, your schedule shows that you are not a full time worker.. reduced hours and this hurts as your pay is reduced,, making about several years earlier salary,, i want to go in and talk to them about this but know that my boss wont listen,, i worked hard getting 40 cents pay increase each year.. thought that was ok,, but now by reduced hours have destroyed my little paycheck,, and i think they are doing this across the board for sure across the nation.. all the associates are just part timers now. hoping that no one will notice.. but losing 60 dollars a week was my pride.. i had earned it. i hope that the Federal goverment notices that they are doing this.. is not fair and i am so angry. WHEN YOU ARE NOT MAKING SO MUCH,, LOSING THIS MUCH MONEY HURTS.

    1. The Rock

      And how many times over the years, have you changed your availability? How many times did you not show up for work? Are you REALLY performing at the level the customer expects? Let’s hear more about how you are the perfect employee…

      1. I saw it coming

        Good Lord. Your nose is as brown as brown can be. Up the Corporate Ladder….at…Walmart & you talk to people on here like they’re a piece of fecal matter. I can’t stand reading your comments! You sure didn’t get that respect award did you.

  4. Henry Renfroe

    Just think, Walmart is going to start cutting more hours , probably around the 1st of October 2014 so that this great Fortune 500 company doesn’t have to provide health insurance under the Allordable Healthcare Act. You really can’t blame Walmart; blame it on our almighty President. Soon, look for less than 30 hours per week, and new Walmart employees in your department. These will be great trained employees, because you will be the ones training these new employees.

    1. Cha ley

      Actually I can blame walmart. Walmart has in the past used its size to get concessions from suppliers so it clearly has the expierence to do something similar when it comes to providing healthcare if it choose to. But even the healthcare issue doesnt excuse walmarts treatment of its employees as a wholle on pay.
      After all they could just hike the employees pay to say 14 bucks an hour and 25 hours a week and get out of providing health coverage without screwing over the employees if they wanted to.

        1. Cha ley

          First, your responding to a month old post so lesson one is you dont necro old posts like this.
          As for how works for walmart if they treated their employees even somewhat decently their sales might increase because right now walmart has a reputation of being run by greedy, mean, cruel tyrants who dont care about their workers.
          Plus if the workers didnt have to live in poverty they might actually have money to spend, money which odds are they would spend at walmart to buy things like food.

          1. The Rock

            The age of the post is irrelevant. What I can tell you, is one of the reasons people are in poverty, is they either do not seek the education that would bring higher salaries, or they go after any job out there with no prior experience to the position, and then complain that they are not making $20 to start. A good portion of those people also, most likely, have a work history of working maybe a few months at a time, and either getting terminated, or quitting themselves. That kind of work history does not warrant a high starting wage at a new job. An associate at wal mart can increase their starting wage by $3 an hour with a year to 1 1/2 years. It is possible, and happens frequently. I started with the company in 2008, at $10 an hour as a Dpt Manager, because I had previous experience. Within a years time I was promoted to a ZMS which comes with an automatic $2 increase in pay. A year later in August of 2010, I was promoted to an Assistant, with a starting salaray of $42-$43,000 a year. Roughyl $23-$25 an hour. Two years later I was promoted to a Shift manager in November 2012. That salary can easily be looked up on indeed, Monster, or Glassdoor. The point here, which may be overlooked by most people, is that I accomplished this in very short time. I worked hard for it, and I got it. I didn’t call out of work 5 times a month, slack all day, and avoid hard work. Today I am actively interviewing for Store Manager positions. SO, in less than 5 years, I turned my life around 180 degrees, but having a goal, and getting it. I didn’t walk in with my hand held out, I took it. I see a lot of others having the same success as well. But remember, there are so many positions available, and thousands of people going for them.

          2. Cha ley

            Because its bad manners.
            I personally cant see why your company and people like you keep making excuses to be cruel to others unless you enjoy it.
            If the company makes a profit still even if it pays its employees 10 dollars or 20 an hour it shouldnt make a lick of difference.

          3. The Rock

            Your response to my post, makes no sense. How am I being rude? Provide specific experiences where I have been rude to associates. I will agree, there are those who are disrespectful and do not properly uphold the companies basic beliefs. That cannot be denied, however, you cannot deny that their are associates who grossly underperform, that like to negatively attack the company, just like with any company. Lastly, just how much do you think a Supercenter profits on a monthly basis? Dont be afraid to throw the number out that yoj think it is. I will let you know if you are right or wrong. Then, we can discuss business 101, and how a store has to use those profits to pay for wages among other things. Ill wait patiently for you guess…

          4. Cha ley

            I didnt say rude I said it was bad manners as forum etiquette online on most forums is not to necro them or in other words you dont reply and resurrect them once they reach a certain age.
            A week to reply is ok in general though sooner is better than later but a month later is just plan bad manners especially if someone has their account setup to alert for replies via email.
            As for the profit margin on the store thats not the topic rather its the poor wages your company pays across the board to most of its part timers.
            If your company wants to stop its sales slump it needs to rethink its treatment of its part timers.
            Ok your company want to give them under 28 hours so it doesn’t have to provide heath care. Fine then compensate with a higher pay grade but to shaft the part timers both in pay and in hours? Thats not right.
            Long as your making a profit overall it wont hurt you and odds are the money will flow back to your company.
            I mean look back at walmart history, it used to be before Sam died that the company was known for paying well while providing good prices and customer service.
            Now? It pays lousy.Prices are “meh” not as cheap and customer service? For the most part thats out the window with alot of the employees not carrying and why should they when they are struggling and their boss doesnt seem to care? I mean you work for them and if they didnt give you a raise or a bonus for say 2 years and your struggling to pay your electric bill would you be a happy camper and greet customers with a smile still ?
            Edit: Well ya probably would still do the smile to keep the job but the point is its effecting the morale and more and more of the employees are complaining and the customers are noticing it.
            But here is a suggestion, ask your higher ups to do a survey if people think the part time workers are happy at walmart.
            Odds are I think you will find they arent and if the customers sense it that could very well be having a negative impact on your overall sales.

          5. The Rock

            When I started with the company, I did struggle. Single dad raising two daughters. But, I chose to want more for my kids and myself. So now I live just fine. Its that easy. Have a better work ethic, and anyone can have a better life. Stop freaking begging for it.

          6. Cha ley

            Well I think I see your problem now Rock you are clearly in the mindset that because I am advocating for a better wage and hours for the employees your company pays poverty level wages that I am begging and I am not.
            Begging would be asking for something for nothing I am not doing that I am saying your company needs to do better by its employees like it used to when Sam was running the company.

          7. bryan

            Rock to put it bluntly you are an ass kissing but wipe. Walmart has made billons of dollars in profits to which associates see none of this. An article through TIme magazine 2013 states that an entry level employee at walmart would have to work 1000 years to make what the ceo of walmart makes; furthermore, walmart could raise their pay scale and still do well in profits. After all, their the what: “bigest retailer in the world. This is what seperates walmart from other retailers. This all narrows down to corporate. You sir are no more more than a puppet whose strings are controlled by walmart.

          8. The Rock

            LoL. Responding to a comment from a year ago? Walmart did raise their wages. And are raising them again in April of 2016. Dept Managers will make a minimum of $15. Sales floor associates will be at a minimum of $10. What’s your point?

          9. The Rock

            I call lies. Straight out lies. Minimum an employee can be scheduled is 18 hours. By law. If her availibility is open, then there is no reason why she isnt getting more hours, UNLESS one of the following is occurring: 1. Her availability is 7am to 4pm, 2. She calls out a lot or is late for work, or does not meet the expected expectations set forth in her position. And no, she most likely isnt perfect, so maybe you need to ask her why she isnt going to work, where she is really at when she should be at work, and then tell your brother to maybe find a new girlfriend.

          10. Sadierose Dobson

            I worked for wally world just short of seven (7) years. Yes, they can and do cut your hours below 18. I have no clue where you found that mystery number, but the lowest I received was four hours in one week. The next week managers came around each department and asked people to “volunteer” to give back hours for that week. I “volunteered” 15 hours that week. The reason for the parenthesis is if the employee chose not to voluntarily given up hours, they were simply taken away. During that same period, we had several cashiers that received no hours.
            Walmart also had employees, including me, working until 11pm and having to return the next morning at 5am. The stories I could tell.
            As karma would have it, employees from my old store are jumping ship like rats . The store has a “job hiring fair” one day a week in an attempt to fill the ever increasing number of open positions.

          11. Mary MARINETTI

            Cha you are correct.. And Walmart being the largest and greediest company of all time.. The billions the have beyond bill gates and Warren and both if them donated more than half their money while Walmart donated a mere 2% of their revenue. And I’m appauld by what the rock says. Most of us who care have long term job stability. We got caught in messes that were made by other corp job blunders and down falls. We are the one whom make a difference. The ones he speaks of that kack stability in holding a job are the ones that make it hard on the rest of us yet its seems that what Walmart wants and then has the nerve to complain nor pay nor provide basic needs for those who do work hard. Their turn over and the money they spent seems to be good enough and excessive because they’d rather not pay good hardworking people for the necessity of living.. They are a greedy retailitory company with no care for the people. They try to brain wash you with all the posted crap about great benefits and great opportunities and all of it is white wash.. Aka bulls@#t… The company I used to work for was sued by the employees and I chose not to partake.. But I would if it came down to it with this company.. Because greed needs to pay..

          12. Mary MARINETTI

            Lmao.. Uh huh.. And I’m sure your rolling in your business dough using a fake name for what reason?.. Smh.. “Just saying” and that translates to something else.. Ahahahaha.. Smh sigh.. Fake people with big ideas.. Try exposing yourself and be real.. Why would someone successful hide?

          13. The Rock

            This is my disqus name. I created it years ago for a wrestling forum. On a side note, you do know inly one period is needed at the end of a sentence?

          14. Mary MARINETTI

            Ahaha hehe … Not in my world. That’s my signature like your dake name… Anyone who knows it knows who I am whether it be my real name or my once upon a time fictitious sn. Even then I didn’t present or hide. I chose it because it suited my ideology… Dot dot dot.. Can’t take that from me. I’m sure in a 1000 years if we were to still exist they won’t be looking at punctuation. Doubtful their will be much of the alphabet or grammar left. Good who ever you think you are… I know I sleep well… 🙂

          15. LoveHope Laughter

            Reading everyone’s comments has been very entertaining for my super lazy Saturday off of work. I would love to ask The Rock more questions about management responsibility, and it doesn’t relate to what the thred was about.

          16. Brian D. Gray

            I work for wal-mart and unfortunately not everybody can acheive becoming a manager.assistant or othewrwise…There are only so many positions open…

          17. I saw it coming

            You’re just one of Walmart’s bitches! Sure you have that nose up now. Your day will come. You’ll be treated like all the others. Things are changing & with change comes pain. You can’t see it now because you’re being a good little worker doing the dirty work of your managers. Once you get your nose out of their ass you’ll be able to smell reality. If I ever heard /saw one of my managers treating people or speaking to them like I think you do, I would fire your ass on the spot. Just to humor you, I’m not a former employee of Walmart. I’m an individual in the workforce that has came across the coldest, ugliest human being ever to work at Walmart. As I was doing some research I saw your post and had to read. Please, excuse my French! You’re a fucking straight up JERK! With a leader like yourself, I can’t imagine you holding your position as Chief Brown Nose much longer. Correcting the grammar to make yourself feel superior. There’s something positive that I can say about you. It appears as though you are over qualified for the position you’re in. When you’re terminated at Walmart you can always add brown noser to your resume. You’re very experienced. Try your local city dump when your career at Walmart is over. I think it may fit your leadership skills better. #JERKFORHIRETHEROCK

          18. The Rock

            I stopped reading when you started with profanity. Your first sentence shows how far apart we are.

          19. Daniel Richards

            Even with higher education, there is a lack of professional paying jobs. My wife is 58 and an engineer. She was laid off in 2009 and the only job she has been able to find is working at 7-11 as an assistant manager for $13 an hour. She only gets 30 hours a week. She sends out at least 20 job applications a week with not even an invitation to interview.

    2. The Rock

      Its october 17th and no huge hours cut has happened. What now? You do know how business works right? In order to pay wages, a company needs to profit. If profit isnt increasing over last year, then some hours cuts need to happen for a businesz to thrive. Business 101 stuff there.

      1. Lori

        Walmarts 100 billion dollar profit is not enough? Its not enough to give hard working associates a living wage? Rock, you fit right in with the gang. You are greedy and out of touch with reality. You must have been a favorite of a manager and got promoted. Promoted not by anything other than favoritism. You come across as not understanding, and not listening but defending a greedy corporate giant that has you convinced that you were worth promoting. I guarantee you it was favoritism that promoted you and not because you are worth it. Not everyone is favorites rock

          1. Lori

            Before you correct my error….make sure you put a tune to it KissssssAsssss…so now say it with a tune and emphasis on the ass.

          2. Daniel Hill

            Back to how a Company like walmart screws employees outta fait pay. Lets start with the fact that walmart gets to dictate the costs of what the vendors who provide walmart sell walmart their products. That right there should defeat any argument against unfair pay. If walmart chose to raise the hourly average of all not just full time but all their employees to say $14/hr. It wpuld only raise the price they sell their products by 16-20 cents. Which would allow their competitors to do the same and allow them more profit. As for your rediculous one sided look at why people are in poverty, something like % 30 of this countrys population is under the federal poverty line. I am in the poverty line and no I did not get to go to college because I couldnt afford it and neither ny family could. I love geo politcs and politics in general among many other subjects. Im smarter than most so called educated people. I have worked since I was 15 and held jobs for years at a time. Longest time of unemployment was a year during the 07-08 financial crisis. Since obama care came through I have for the first time been giving insurance through my job at, good ole Walmart. So plz I will love for you to reply. I dont mind debating your answers to these issues.

          3. Daniel Hill

            Idk what walmart you worked at but at our walmart we have an extremely unreliable system that basically tells you how many hours you should have your frieght worked. I cant remember what they call the system atm, but it continually fails to give a correct estimate of times, for instance last night, I have 3 full pallets 1 half pallet. This does not include picks which come out by 2 am (half way through the night) the system gave me a time of 3 1/2 hours which in my department is laughable for rhe amount of frieght I had was more like 5 hours, ( not including other variables such as taking cardboard back, helping customers, accidents and spills created by poor packaging or unloading and my favorite Cart Partys (lmao) ) and walmart home office goes off this un reliable and sickening system to grade stockers performanxe and ultimately what their raise will be come evaluation. So I just want to put in perspective the idea you give about people who get what they deserve especially at walmart is a joke bud. Yes there is a few who get employed and consistently lack performance because they are lazy or have no good work ethic but that is less then 10% of the employees at these stores. So to say that the overwhelming majority of those asking for a better pay wage are people who lack these so called performance to move forward is disgusting. The system purposely keeps employees from getting a deserved raise or ability to progress through the company ranks unless you have it good with a few high ups or are in a podition where this system does not apply. Which most positions this system does apply too.

          4. The Rock

            Hey “bud”. I work in a supercenter. 3 1/2 hours for 3 1/2 pallets sounds about right. Rule of thumb is up to an hour for a pallet, 45 minutes for a rocket cart, half hour for a tote/break pack. You are referring to the MyGuide process. Ive worked a total of 3 years on overnights. I know the process well. There have been plenty of nights where I stock freight as well, and make my times easily. The areas that are tough are apparel, stationary/celebration/crafts, and pharmacy.

          5. harley davis

            I dont know why everyone is complaining. I worked in the Tle and after 3 months got a 50 cent pay raise. I then moved out into the Garage and got another raise and was making 9.15 an hour. That was after being with the company a short 4 months. I worked with many people who complained about their pay, and then they would miss multiple days of work. You get out what you put in people. There were always oppertunities to take more hours because people were always calling off. Maybe if they want more money they should stop protesting and work…

          6. The Rock

            See, good stuff. You just destroyed these peoples universe because you posted a positive experience. Now their heads will explode, and they will have to disect your post and turn it into a negative.

        1. KelliH

          I know your post is old but it deserves a response.
          Many managers are promoted because they are educated, have a good work ethic, and have a demonstabilty ability for leadership.
          Favoritism only goes so far when there are multiple people involved in the promotion process.

      2. Cami Krueger

        I’ve been working with Walmart since April as a cake decorator and in the bakery and I can honestly say that it’s the best job I’ve ever had. I’ve never enjoyed going to work until I got hired here. Unfortunately, even though it seems to be necessary to some degree, hours are being cut everywhere. With the proper number of employees in a day we can do everything we need to get done properly and efficiently. It’s been so bad as of late that my manager has been with us helping. As an employee, it’s frustrating being expected to do the same amount of work in a day but in less hours and with less people. It makes the job less enjoyable and more stressful and because of this even the employees I work directly with are more irritable. Fortunately, my manager does a good job getting me the hours I need to pay bills; however, when I go into work now I think “what am I going to walk into today”.

        1. Fancy

          You sure are right Cami, hours are being cut so bad and they expect you to step it up and pack your normal 8 hours in as little as 4 1/2 hours and possibly help another dept too. ugh

    3. The Rock

      And just to add, temp and pt associates have been hired and are being scheduled 32 hours. Those who dont do a damn thing get scheduled less. You under perform, you lose hours. How does that NOT make sense?

      1. Cha ley

        Not at my local walmart they arent and I know it for a fact as my brothers girlfriend has worked for them for 2 years and shes begged for more hours but they barely give her 20 hours a week if shes lucky.
        And they tell her if she goes to work for anyone else thats a competitor they will fire her.

        1. The Rock

          What is her availability, and what area does she work in? Both are HUGE factors in scheduling. If her availability is only 7 am to 6 pm, she wont see many hours, if she opened up her availability, to evenings and weekends, she would see an increase. Also, does she work in a department such as homeliness, or in fresh, front end. If it is a high service area, there are more hours for those areas, based on the demand of the customer. 9 times out of 10, there usually is an obstacle created by the person complaining, that only they can fix, to rectify the situation. (i.e.: Performance, attendance, availability, etc)

          1. Cha ley

            Sorry but she has herself as fully open to any time even weekends yet they still are shorting her hours.
            And shes in pharmacy in a well to do area and yes the pharmacy is busy both on the floor and behind the counter.

          2. The Rock

            There are basically 4 Phx positiins. A walmart sales associate, who does stocking, customer service, which will not require a lot of hours, a pharmacy tech , pharmacy manager, and then cashiers who do just that, cashier. The techs and manager are majority the only positions that will see any full time hours. Pharmacies are generally open 9am to 9pm, if I remember correctly. Maybe she should inquire about switching to an area that has a high demand for service. (Fresh area, front end, IMS on all 3 shifts) doesnt hurt to ask.

          3. Lori

            Again, not true rock…its all about who’s favorited not about performance. Again, I guarantee you were promoted by favoritism not your work ethic. Your a bully, a hired gun.

          4. 10zin

            I do agree with most of what you’re saying, except the fact that there are 9 associates in the electronics department I work. And only 2 have been able to get a position a full time. That’s because I know for a fact that part timers are not elegible for benefits and walmart therefore saves a lot of money. For instance i work as part timer but some times I’ll get 35 hours. Thats all because walmart saves a lot of money not having to pay for employee benifts by giving part time workers more hours.

          5. liz fbi

            I love it when management talks like they know everything about specific departments. I work bakery and was told to pick up deli shifts to go full time LOL. Like that would fly in deli – they’d be spending that whole shift training me. There is no way that department manager would okay it. You higher ups assume there is nothing to highly specialized positions. You guys come in and tel us to use the equipment in a way it was never meant to be used (a bread slicer to make croutons – LOL) burn bread because you like the color, repackage display bread with the wrong sell by dates, and go into fits over a lint spec on the donut case. You pile on work without an increase in labor hours then wonder why we go over our time. We have to work off the clock to get it all done. Meanwhile you keep incompetent employees at full time while you refuse to move more competent bakers in to those slots.

            You guys walk into our department with no baking knowledge (you think I can take dough from frozen state and just throw it in the over and put it In a bag, hot) and no respect for our knowledge. Most of the AMs don’t even understand what breakout is or why it had to be done the day before. And yet management makes policy for this department. What a joke.

          6. Fancy

            liz you are so right. I work in the bakery as well. Luckily we have a great team and roll with what they give us be it hours or equipment failure. I am the only one of 8 that has only 1 requested day off a week and my schedule is open 4am-6pm. and I was just asked to open my schedule or they will be forced to hire someone else and my hours will be drastically cut, “and that means no benefits” too I was told. First of all we are down 2 people from where we once were when I started 2 years ago. Actually 3 people, but we won’t go there. Our ceiling has leaked for 7+ years, all over one rather large area. They just simply wont fix it. But let management get started on contamination because they took a class recently. I don’t get it. We have been thrown into some crazy situations but at the end of the day, everything was properly executed and we had fun somewhere in doing it. I hope you find coworkers that work well AND well together because it really does make a difference in the outcome of your day.

      2. 10zin

        I work for walmart as electronic sales associate as a part time and started at 11.65 with about 2 months of previous retail experience. I got plenty of hours, just last week i had 35 hours of pay. I actually had to talk to an assistant manager to cut down my hours. In conclusion walmarts not that bad. Btw i live in Canada


    Yes walmart is now a shitty place to work , your literally overworked and under paid and the policy on absences is ridiculous ! I remember when they would give you a raise every six months due now it’s every year . They want you to learn every area of the store but don’t want to move to said area or pay you the extra wages you would get if you transferred to that position . Also they want you to work overtime on somedays and at the end of the week they want you to leave early so they don’t have to pay you for the overtime you put in . All management are liars / under qualified people/ condescending and manipulative they don’t stand up for their workers …people are not properly trained …there’s so much wrong with this place it’s sad … I don’t think I have enough space to type it all.

    1. amethyst

      U can call in 21 days in 6 months before getting fired!!! How ridiculous is that??!! Find another company that would accept calling in all those days before your terminated! Wow…..u must have called in an obsene amount of times! I guess u need a company that doesn’t have an attendance policy at all…good luck…its called just live off the state then!

    2. The Rock

      I smelled Bull Shlt as soon as you opened your mouth. Where you screwed yourself, is NO manager would tell you to leave EARLY because of overtime. You cut it at lunch. Idiot. I completely agree with their attendance policy. 7 absences in a 6 month rolling period leads to termination. it’s pretty simple moron, you don’t show up for work, THEN DONT SHOW UP AT ALL.

      1. OGunther

        Smart Man. Any time you work is Compensated Time.
        If any employer REQUIRES the employee to take
        Compensated Time Off during an Uncompensated Period (ie:Lunch) That employer has in essence violated labor laws. Hope Wal-Mart does not practice such stupidity, (Note: ‘Comp’ Time only applies to Exempt Employees)

        1. The Rock

          There is nothing against an employer having an associate extend their lunch to eliminate overtime. Walmart has a no overtime policy. If you work over your scheduled time, you are violating the first policy, not to mention not working your scheduled shift. Let’ s have you copy and paste the law you say walmart is breaking please, and thank you.

          1. icderion

            Dude it is against walmart policy to have to take a extended lunch and quit talking out of your ass

          2. The Rock

            Like the moron above, please copy and paste this policy you speak of here. All this boils down to, is digruntled ex-employees who were terminated for violating company policies, that are clearly stated on orientation day, and through training modules the employees throughout their careers. It’ not a companies fault, that employees do not perform to a companies policies or standards. Just because you couldnt cut it atWalMart doesnt mean they are a bad company. Get an education.

          3. The Rock

            All you did was post action suits about associates working off the clock. Nothin in there is related to the topic of our conversation which is associates being asked to extend thier lunch to kill overtime accrued by working over their scheduled shift. You failed miserably, and proved nothing. Thanks.

          4. icderion

            dude i saw what i posted and deleted that one numb nuts, And open your eyes on whats going on at your store. But i think you dont work at a walmart so you dont know whats really going on. or too much being blind to see the truth.

          5. The Rock

            You deleted nothing. Your post states that there is a walmart policy against having associates taking extended lunches to kill overtime, thenI asked you to post the policy backing up your statement, in which you posted links to documents about associates working off the clock. The two are not related. Who is the numbnuts now? And yes, I do work for the company, as a Shift Manager. What now?

          6. Cha ley

            “I do work for the company, as a Shift Manage” I would say I was surprised but I would be lying.

          7. The Rock

            What is so surprising? That an employee is defending it’s company by eliminating false accusations by disgruntled employees/ex-employees, because I was able to have opportunities by working hard, and showing up for work everyday?

          8. Cha ley

            No more like your a manager but its not the management that your company is hurting with the pay *and* the short hours its the part timers mainly and alot of the hourly full timers who are the ones suffering.
            So yes I understand perfectly why you are trying to defend them.

          9. The Rock

            That’s because The Rock has been working. You know, employment? I honestly have to re read the post because I zoned out halfway through.

          10. Cha ley

            Nope, its that we both seem to be looking at the picture but from a different viewpoint is all Rock and the viewpoint I am looking at is of the company 25+ years ago when it was an awesome one to work for.

          11. icderion

            yea i know. cause hes a shift manager, he has all the perks, and doesnt see whats going on below him. so his idea is pretty much bias. Basicly hes one of the brown nose people that work at walmart. No point keep on doing a flame war with a idiot. His views is already set in to stone.

          12. The Rock

            *face palm* Ladies and gentlemen, this is an example of what companies have to select from, when looking through a talent pool.

          13. Cha ley

            That doesnt negate though that your company went from a reputation as being one of the best to work for regardless if you were full time or part time to being one of the worst especially if your part time.
            Its not something the company cannot turn around though if the company wants to and I will repeat the way to do that is to emulate Publix in its treatment of your employees and their training.

          14. icderion

            Cha ley just let the rock go, all he is a forum troll, trying to keep the flame wars going about his beautiful walmart. There is no fighting with the forum trolls. Nothing can kill a forum troll.

          15. Cha ley

            I wouldnt call him a troll just because he doest agree with me or you icderion.
            Honest disagreement does not = troll.

          16. icderion

            no they look at you and see oh look a brown noser. You sir is a forum troll, have fun with the flame war. Also with you saying you zone out when reading the post, is why you made shift manager at walmart. That says a lot man.

          17. The Rock

            So, what did you get fired from walmart for? Attendace? Poor performace? Stealing? Hiding in the bathroom? Wouldnt take no from a female co-worker?

          18. icderion

            i do work at walmart, and from what i read on the wire, it is against company policies. also i guess you are one of the brown nose people that has no problems at all. Some people do have a problem working. its the ones that work hard has a lot of trouble. so if i was you, take a step back and open your eyes on whats going on if you work at a walmart. Something else for you when you open your eyes, walmart is cutting hours, people with full time is not getting enough hours, and they are losing thier health coverage

          19. The Rock

            Their is NOTHING on the wire that states it is a policy NOT to have associates cut overtime by extending their lunches. But, it does state that there is a no overtime policy. Next….

          20. Lori

            Walmart’s not as good as good as it could be. But you Rock, are an idiot and I have a great respect for employees that work under you. But, I have no respect for you and your attacking of people. You must be the worst manager in Walmart history. Why don’t you go get educated on how to be a manager. Because your just a big ole Bully….you probably got a masters in bullyism 101.

          21. BOSSHOGGENIUS

            It’s sad that you think that every store abides by these” policies” and rules that your not realizing is how much undercover dirty business goes on in this company… Before market management would come for a visit they always told us ahead of time if you could only see how many managers were running around breaking their necks trying to fix the store up and enforce certain policies at the last minute ( like a child sweeping dirt under a rug and saying they cleaned up properly) it was ridiculous !! I’m glad it’s been over a year away from that hell hole that can’t keep employees because people have sense enough to know when there mistreated and just leave!!

          22. Albert Ehrhart

            I was fired after working at the Walmart TLE for 3 years for telling a Manager to fuck off with this bullshit for telling associates that they have to stay over or be written up then telling us the next day we have to lose that time because we can’t have overtime. I worked those hours i am keeping them. If not then don’t ask me threaten me and i threaten back.

      2. Lori

        7 absences? In 6 months. 3 absences in 6 months at the store i work at. 3 absences you get talked to, one more you get coached and Unless your favorited then you can 5 absences in one month and 3 the next a couple the next and come in late and leave early and still have your job. But good to know 7 absences in 6 months is termination for some and as many as they want for others.

        1. Lori

          And just in case you are thinking this: no the absences were not 3 days consecutive. Maybe I should mind my own business huh? And not look at other people’s attendance. Hard to do that since their absences affect my business and leave us short- handed. Rules don’t apply to everyone.

          1. Lori

            I like working at Walmart if I didn’t I wouldn’t be there. I enjoy the customers. I am not there for the money but maybe I should call out more, maybe then I will get a promotion, it worked for my co worker, she got promoted and I didn’t. She called out alot and I don’t so maybe I should call out more often and a lot of times, then maybe I’ll get a promotion and be the team player they want me to be 😉

          2. Zany James McConnell (Zany J.

            LOL! SO TRUE! I had that happen at my last job at JCPenny, which is why I wanted something better after 6 +years, so for some reason I decided to go to Walmart…

      3. Lori

        Maybe a manager at your store wouldn’t tell you that, but it happens at the store I work. They use to say do it at lunch but just last week there was panic about people being over their scheduled work hours and were sending people home early.


        No they would send people home at the end of the week ex -If I am a full time employee (40hrs) and I did any overtime they would cut time by sending me early ,As long as you didn’t go over 40 you were good and that’s how they did it at my store (shrugs) might not be policy but that’s how they did it.

      5. Joe Sweet

        I know this is a year late but this will bother me if I don’t say it. Rock I need to agree with you I just got hired on as one of new day support managers and I gotta say the starting pay isn’t bad at all. I was a manager at trader joes for four years and Walmart is starting me at a higher wage than they paid me at tjs. I dealt with the same type of employees at TJs. You know the type that complains they aren’t making enough but they call out all the time and are lazy. If you want something bad enough you’ll work hard for it. Good for you rock I’m glad you understand how a career works. Walmart gives ALL of its employees opportunities to be promoted and start a decent paying career. If all you want to do is work there for 10 plus years as a sales associate who isnt very productive what makes you think you deserve to be paid more than a manager? Just because you worked there longer? Nah that is now how it works. Let the haters hate Rock we know what we are doing and that’s why we are successful. Instead of belittling a reputable company these people should focus all of their negative energy and time into doing their jobs right.

        1. nnnn

          And you’re like the rock just another hired corporate gun. How much did they pay you to post that for them?

          1. The Rock

            And I will bet $1000 you were probably a employee for walmart and was let go/terminated. Always the disgruntled ones.

          2. cb

            The Rock, why do you have the consistent belief in your posts that all individuals that do not like wal-mart are lazy, no good ex-employees? There are a lot of employees that are good hard workers that DO get screwed by Wal-Mart. You don’t have to believe me but just because you are one of the many success stories of a cart pusher turned Assistant Manager doesn’t mean that it is the same in all stores.

          3. The Rock

            I’ll never deny that there are people within the company that are dirty, have no integrity, etc. dealing with a few myself right now. I’m actually a Co-Manager. Not that that is important.

      6. gel

        Oh yes they do tell you to leave early because of OT I have worked at walmart for 18 years and been called at home in my sleep and told to come in late and when i didnt answer I had to leave early the next morning

        1. The Rock

          Well if you worked your schedule in the first place, the situation would not have arisen in the first place.

          1. Zany James McConnell (Zany J.

            Well they are wanting everything finished before anyone can leave, so its kinda hard not to get OT…DUH!

          2. Christine Hause

            Really? if they only schedule the bare minimum people to work in the Bakery and 2 people call out who are to break out the bread and rolls for the next day. So…..do you stay to do the next day’s set up or go home because it’s time for you to leave? I now ask is this overtime? sometimes it’s yes and sometimes it’s no. if it’s no I don’t stay because I have to lose it. and as the old business adage is time is money. I don’t work for free.

      7. heynow

        guys guys relax, he’s taken the time to respond to all of you, I don’t know about you but someone who’s willing to defend his company on his off days, online, I mean, just…..I don’t even know were to begin it’s disgusting, well in my opinion,no money made off the clock huh? but hey it makes him happy let him vigorously masturbate to policy and an online profession of hard work ethic, it’s his life after all.

      8. Zany James McConnell (Zany J.

        I don’t know about that; one of our managers was telling us in a “meeting,” that we could inform our manager of the night that we had overtime and that we could ask to come in later if we needed to cut it, but due to the ridiculous requirements and lack of people, that is not going to happen!

    3. Cami Krueger

      How is the policy on absences ridiculous? It’s the most lenient policy I’ve ever seen! There are many things wrong with the company, sure, just like in any company (it is run by people you know and people aren’t perfect), but jeez. There’s nothing wrong with someone wanting their employees to show up and to show up on time.

    4. Zany James McConnell (Zany J.

      I know a former employee who got fired for that exact reason; they fired her, because she was wanting them to start paying her for the position they were wanting her to fill and the accompanying hours. a week after she “officially promoted,” they suddenly brought up coachings from 10 yrs prior, 10 yrs! she was conveniently fired on the spot! Talk about bait and switch!

  6. The Rock

    Here are two facts for those who want to bash the company:
    1. No employer, I repeat, NO EMPLOYER, wants to pay someone off the street $14 – $15 an hour if they have no prior experience in the field of which they are applying for. When an applicant is offered a postion, the starting rate is not determined by the manager offering the position. It is calculated by the position, the pay grade for the position, and by the applicants previous work history. The application clearly states, that the more work history you provide, the higher a chance of someone starting with a higher start rate based on experience or relative work history to the position applying for. Most people when applying, fill out EVERY position on the application, there by stating they would be willing work ANY position. They also put down they have open availability. Applicants are selected based on their availability, and previous work history. Makes sense doesn’t it? But most times, guess what is on the application for work history? 1 job. Maybe 2 jobs. Both with a length of roughly 2 months to 5 months. It doesn’t show the employer that there is a pattern of longevity with employment, if you work 50 jobs each for 3 months, now does it? Common sense.
    2. Hours. Let’s break this down so even some of you can understand this. Schedules are based on sales volume. WHen do most sales occur in retail? Evenings and weekends. Duh. When schedules are generated, they are done so by a system that bases it off of sales history. SO the system creates shifts that a manager needs to fill in with associates based on their availability. Shifts CANNOT be made up for someone. SO if there are mostly shifts in a department that require 4pm to 11pm shifts, and Sally Sue has an availability of only 9am to 3 pm. Then Sally Sue cannot be put in that shift. IF Billy Bob has an availability of 3pm to 10pm, he cannot be given that shift either. If Jimmy Joe has an OPEN availability, meaning he can work ANYTIME, then he will be given the shift. It’s called Scheduling people. 101 type stuff. SO if people are complaining that they do not get a lot of hours, there is ONE reason. The couple others, are if the associate has a unsatisfactory attendance record, or they do not perform the tasks required of their position. Be honest, would you schedule Linda Lue, 32 hours a week, if you know she consistently just walked around, and never completed her tasks? NO YOU WOULDN’T. Linda would be held accountable, and Betty Bop would be scheduled, because she does her job efficiently.
    How can ANYONE with common sense, argue ANY of that? Seriously?

    1. Cha ley

      Few will pay that even with experience Rock.
      My brother got fired by his employer with over 20+ years in retail grocery so they could hire more part timers at minimum wage and he finally landed a new job thats only paying 10 bucks an hour and thats part time.

      1. The Rock

        Ok, im trying to be cool with you here, but did you even read what you posted? Seriously. Fired a long term, perfect attendace, role model associate to replace him with 2 part timers, that would have to train for months? C’mon.

        1. Cha ley

          Yes and its what happened and he wasnt alone they fired a number of their long term full timers in the area.
          The company he worked for is trying to go from 70% full timers and switch it to 60% or more part timers in order to try and compete with your company.
          A foolish move imo on their part as your company deals in a massive amount of volume which his former company has no way in hell of competing against and their only was to increase sales was by providing a better shopping experience.
          Course they offered to hire him back at part time with a 3 dollar pay cut to 10 bucks hour and he would have taken it except it was part time and they cap their part timers at 27 hours a week with no exceptions and he would have lost all his accrued benefits including his vacation.

          Edit: In fact two of the new Neighborhood Markets (A good concept btw) are opening up near two of his old stores an I imagine thats really going to hurt them.
          It will definitely force the two Food Lions that are also near them to close I suspect as Food lion has really gone downhill over the last 20 years.

    2. phuckwalmart

      So you’re admitting your store retaliates against employees. I’m sure you’re too dumb to see that you’ve posted clear cut examples of workplace retaliation and discrimination.

    3. Cha ley

      Now i am confused as a store manager I know that works for Walmart told me its not the managers that set the wage anymore rather its corporate and the same goes for raises if any. Is he full of be or did they change back to letting the manager have more leeway?

      1. The Rock

        As I stated in a previous post, the starting rate is not determined by a member of management. It is determined by the position, shift, and relevant work experience. Yearly performance evaluations, or “raises”, are determined by management based on competencies. Anywhere from 0 to 60 cents increase.

        1. Cha ley

          So if (and this is a big if) my brother would apply say for a department manager say grocery or produce with his 20+ years of experience what would his likely wage be then? Keep in mind his attendance is excellent and he almost never misses a day of work except on the rare occasion when hes tossing his toenails up from a migraine.

          1. The Rock

            I couldnt be accurate. Ill give you an example I experienced recently. I hired an applicant for deli sales floor associate. Normal start rate would have been 8.15 an hour, with no previous deli experience. She had 5 consecutive previous years experience, and earned$1.50 extra as credits for relevant work experience, determined by the hiring system. Thus receiving a start rate of $9.65. A dept manager position may be an additional 40 to 60 cents an hour, off the top of my head.

          2. Cha ley

            Wow only 40 to 60 cents difference for department managers? Whats the cap out pay then for produce and grocery as my brother was earning 12.93 an hour as an assistant department manager at the time.

    4. LovelyLady

      Actually not true. ..I managed a catering company for 12 years. .. and we hired people temporarily from location to location of each concert we catered to @ either $15/hr or $200/day depending on our profit for that concert, and this was just for the dish washing position, which required no experience. So, before you go making accusations that NO EMPLOYER(in your capital letters) wants to pay someone off the street $15/hr with no experience, I suggest you first gain some experience of your own with other employers. You speak as if you have worked for absolutely every employer there is and you know exactly what they want and how they think. We actually enjoyed hiring these people that had a hard time finding jobs elsewhere due to lack of education, job history, and some were even homeless veterans, etc., because we were helping people out that wanted to work but were otherwise overlooked by one sided, closed minded individuals like yourself. I, myself, would even pick up everyone for work in our company vehicle…. the only thing we actually required is that the employee got our dishes clean. We never had a problem out of any of them, treated them fairly and payed them well. Comment?

        1. LovelyLady

          Oh my, well thank you (a little sarcasm there) By the way, is that an informal admittance that you were wrong? NO EMPLOYER! Bless your heart if you had one, I do accept your apology.

          1. The Rock

            As soon as I see your wage expense report, ill say you do. Until then, it’s the internet. Anything can be said. Thanks.

    5. cb

      Mr. Rock… I mean The Rock, I assume this 101 type stuff is from your business degree, you ask how can ANYONE with common sense, argue ANY of that? Seriously? I am thinking that you are misunderstanding what people are arguing. We all know there are terrible workers. They normally do not last more than six months. The argument is for the good workers. I have read your previous posts, You have said previously legally workers cannot be given less than 18 hours, then in later posts stated that it was because they either were lazy or as in this post, they do not have open availability. I am a current employee at wal-mart. I have been there for nearly 2 years. I have worked my ass off. I am crossed trained in over half the store. I have only missed two days of work one for a 4 hour shift. I have open availability. Until recently I was not a disgruntled employee but the moment January hit my hours were cut badly. I went from 32-34 hours a week to 9. I did not change anything. I asked my managers they said oh it is because of the season. The season is now going into the third month. I am scheduled 17 hrs this upcoming week. Please tell me how I am supposed to pay my bills? And please I understand you are an Assistant Manager but you do not have to respond as if you are speaking to those less than yourself. I have done EVERYTHING right as an employee.

      1. The Rock

        No. I agree. 9 hours is absurd. Per policy, they cannot schedule you below 16. If you get less, it’s because of availability.

        1. cb

          Well I am baffled, I have open availability. Several of my other co-workers also have been given these ridiculous hours. So whatever the policy is, they are not abiding by it. I have worked three months and have only earned half a months worth of wages. Again Open availability and I and my co-workers work our tails off. So you explain it to me.

          1. The Rock

            You should be asking your store manager why this is happening. If not solved there, move on to the market manager l.

          2. cb

            When January hit all of the hours for the hourly associates went down. The first week we had the option to get hours in a different department but then corporate talked to the manager directly and told him no extra hours for anyone. My store was not the only one. I know you are saying that it is policy not to have this happen but it happens on to massive a scale for it to just be a fluke, are you sure you might not be mistaken about the policy? According to Management they said they just didn’t have the hours,or the big storm hurt consumer spending on our store. Personally I go with the idea that Corporate is trying to recoup losses from the wage increases, which didn’t effect me save for a 22 cent raise when I was going to be getting a 25 cent raise. I am from Washington, our minimum wage is 9.56

  7. guest2026

    don’t mean to be rude I have a question for the rock you said it was 7 days in a 6 month period thought it was 3 days in a 6 month period and as for every thing else every store Is ran different my first store I was told to go home early to cut over time all the time once I was told I couldn’t clock in at my scheduled time I had to wait 2 hours and I tried for a csm position on days I didn’t get it even though I was secondary as an overnight csm and I worked as an assistant manager at a taco bell for 8 years and they gave it to some one that worked there for a month tops I was there over a year I didn’t even get an interview so I went to a different store went from being a cashier on days to service desk and money center and then a csm in about 4 months o and at taco bell we had a managers red book and it had a quote every day one that I will always remember was employees or associates don’t leave companies they leave managers so for any manger that reads this be fair and don’t pick favorites and be the best manager you can be

  8. Gary

    Okay so I know this is an old post and apologize but reading the bullshit “The Cock , oh sry The Rock” be talking about is stupid. He is one of those brain washed idiots. My wife started there for full time associate in Oct and has been early every day stayed late covered shifts for them. She’s never missed a day or been late and just today looked at the scehdual and was not on their for after the new years. They told her we decided last night that we have to get rid of all the new employees and make cut backs. So go ahead and make that sound positive dumb ass. Plain and simple they don’t care about their employee’s their managers are twits who kiss ass and their customer service sucks big time.

    1. The Rock

      I have to call you out on this one. No company, by law, can just eliminate a full time employee just for the hell of it. What you are stating is ridiculous. There has to be other underlying issues that led to her termination. Maybe your wife isnt exactly honest about why she no longer works there.

      1. ackeegrl

        companies can lay off, fire, terminate, eliminate…..anyone whenever they want without cause….just like you can quit at anytime with no reason…in Florida it is called working “at will”. If you are employed at will, your employer does not need good cause to fire you. In every state but Montana (which protects employees who have completed an initial “probationary period” from being fired without cause), employers are free to adopt at-will employment policies, and many of them have.

  9. Donna

    Just a guess Rock you are a manager or assistant manager. You are one of the ones getting the bonuses. My apologies if I’m wrong. You may be able to speak for your walmart but don’t automatically assume you know what’s going on at others. I know for a fact in the past 6 months at my husband’s walmart they have had people walk out and quit who have worked there for 15 to 25 years because of treatment. They do cut my husbands hours and he is never out or late. If he has to go to a Drs. appointment he goes in early. So you may want to be more understanding of employees at other walmarts. Don’t assume all walmarts are the same and don’t assume that things are happening because they are bad employees. You don’t work for a company for 25 years if you are a bad employee.

    1. Natasha

      This is ridiculous. You realize that assistant and shift and store managers do not want to cut hours, right? When they have to cut hours they have to work longer hours. So instead of 12 hours, they can work up to 18 hours knowing that they will have to do it again the next day. They also can lose days off to make up for things not being completed by their associates.

      And those bonuses? You know what? That just pays for the enormous amount of overtime that they have to put in. There are times when my husband barely makes minimum wage as a salaried member of management and that “bonus” makes up for that.

      You are ASSuming that managers don’t care about their employees, but you are wrong. My husband has put in the effort to make sure that his hard working associates gets the most hours. He understands his associates having families and makes sure to give them the same schedule every week so they can plan their lives accordingly.

      He does all discipline and firing for overnights as well. The people who get fired are lazy, don’t do their job, or don’t come to work. They are fired because they are not there to do their jobs. They are coached for not doing their jobs. And it takes 1 personal conversation, and three coachings within reason to be fired, not to mention it can be overturned if it was for no reason!

      The only exception to the rule is temp associates. temp associates can be fired or let go for any reason within 4 months. This is where it sucks. My husband has had to let go of perfectly good employees because they were hired as temps and his boss told him to do so because his boss told him to tell him to do so. They often have to ask the good employees who were temps where they are forced to let people go to reapply within 90 days and they will rehire them.

      And yet, my husband, who has fired more people than anyone on his management team in the last three years, is the most favored assistant by his employees on nights who he has worked with for 2 years. When he left for days they all wrote him a card and constantly begged him to come back to them. (Which happened within a month due to his replacement utterly failing and being moved back to days…)

      People who want more hours have to have 100% availability. I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it is. When I worked as a temp in the fresh department I got 40 hours a week every week until they reduced my hours for 1 week because I was supposed to be getting temp hours and your status is based off average hours worked. I was often asked to stay late to pick up the slack of other employees from the morning side and would have to cut my hours during lunch at the end of the week to avoid overtime. When I was let go, I was asked to reapply in 90 days in the same department, but I chose not to for my husband’s sake. He was working upwards of 70+ hours some weeks and we never saw each other.

      The Rock is right on track in what he is saying. You all are disgruntled or don’t understand what management has to do to get the store running properly.

      The “perks” of management are not easy to get. they work really fucking hard for it. During inventory month and holidays my husband loses nearly all his days off and my kids and I don’t get to see him at all because he’s sleeping when he finally gets home.

      I will say that I did deal with a new manager who had no idea what she was doing when I worked my job. She wanted me to do everything and scheduled me all the time, she would tell me to train her associates as she was replacing her ms and I was working the evening shift. She would then get frustrated with me if the new associates complained that I was teaching them how to do their job their first week. She was wishy washy with her instructions and constantly changed direction in how she wanted the department ran on a day to day basis. There was so much turn over in our department in the few months that I worked there, that besides 1 other person I was the seniority. She often changed schedules within a night even though she wasn’t supposed to. I remember I would come in to work and she would call me into the office and tell me to put my name in to change my 32 hour week to 40 hours whenever someone called out. Or better yet, people would lose their shift and it somehow ended up as my shift. There was a lot of animosity on our team over hours being switched around so often. We would have to take pictures of our schedules to prove that we were working our original shifts. It was so stressful checking the schedule online every night and every morning to make sure it didn’t change. She just didn’t know what she was doing, but she has ironed out now and gotten into a routine. I think it was just a fresh thing. It’s one of those areas that you really really really can’t afford to lose coverage as it is always so busy. It was also her first year as a manager and she was thrown into figuring everything out on her own after initial training.

      I felt the wage that I made was fair. It was my first job and I made $9.95 an hour. It is an automatic system on the computer for how they set your wage. Regardless of the complaints I have for that one specific manager, I really had loved my job, I loved all the hours I got, I loved the staff I worked with, and everyone else in the store. I loved the rest of the management team and I was genuinely sad when I was let go. (however I was also relieved seeing as i was working with a fractured spine and was planning to have a third baby soon, so I needed to heal faster.)

      It’s a job. If you value it, you will be a valued asset. If you happen to get hired during the holidays they may need to cut people at the end. But I knew that going in and wanted to be let go, not kept. I actually made that clear when I was hired that they could let me go when they needed to cut people.

      1. Don

        You have been brainwashed. I was an ASM for Wal Mart and it was an is the worst job I will ever have. Then again it all depends on the store you get. I don’t live to work….I work to live. If your happy with your husband working 80 hours a week then your crazy. No amount of money will ever buy happiness. You said it yourself your husband just makes above minimum wage at the end of the day. Is all that time away worth it? The most I ever made in one year at Wal-Mart was 52000 and I average 75 hoirs per week. No thanks

  10. Mamas Angels

    I have a friend who wrote a book about Walmart. It’s still in the works as far as publishing goes. I can’t wait for it to come out. Walmart sucks as both an employer and a business. They can afford to do better when it comes to benefits and pay. I just wonder how much per year the company makes cashing in on the life insurance policies that they take out on their employees. Most employees have no idea that they have a life insurance policy that has been taken out by Walmart.The only beneficiary there is is Walmart. So they can afford to pay better, pay benefits and still have tons left over.

    1. R.j. Spencer

      Rock just proved you wrong. How many other places have you worked? Walmart is great, I’ve worked for four other companies and walmart treats me way better then any of them. The biggest problem I’ve found at Walmart is that they don’t fire the lazy workers. I hate how lazy some of my fellow associates are. As far as I’m concerned there is no difference between being lazy and stealing out of the cash register, either way you’re stealing from the work place!

          1. Maddhatter Muchness

            God your a joke seriously ive worked. At walmart i actually loved to work there till i was tormented humilated and discriminated later they retaliated against me for reporting to global ethic of being treated like shit by labeled management who thought being management earaced theyre back ground one working in personal her husband was wanted for murder and a csm who was waiting in line for methadone after work then support manager whom thought thug life was in for real yet she looked like thug out broke ass lol. Yet claimed she was on top of me but yet had a husband whom is trash hooked on drugs went to prison yet all these people titled managers had the right to treat me with no respect behing my back. Nothing what ive done but what my niece had done .i turned to global ethic to take care of bad treatment thinking this would end this horrific treatment let you know i even asked to view my every clocked in hour i was on floor. Working my butt off to be expected to finish 10 pallets with dealing with such disrespect pranks but yet couple of employees whom should of been watched closer line a roll caught for theaft yet almost a year i had nothing wrong on me but treated with no respect only things was i actually meet up to my task all the time dealing with employees crying wolf to managers to be on watch over me including support manager who started this prank against me was soon discovered of this animal for stealing cash . only cause manager shared false input against me but yet hourly employees old hags and lowlifes whom just played not wanting to work ive proved being a women working in shoes having 7 pallets big boxes bird boxes to open and having drug addicts acholics trash people pulled in to pull pranks on me i sure did finish my pallet yet expected after finishing pallets to go help out the pranksters whom never worked behind on task due to being told to tormenting me . let alone being video taped of two low lifes breaking in to my care .so i asked to watch videos of me tgey never reasponded to my claim .i was neglected voilated of my policey employees right never met .its a joke that this lowlifes with addictions have such a higher influence in torchuring a employee who begged for something to be done but never to help out a worker who actually worked jealous cause i worked and proved i worked lazy addicts just sat and decided to just torchure me for showing managers that ive done my job. They never finish .no respect for a work whom actuall worked .

          2. MajorStewie

            The thing is walmart isn’t one company exactly. It is many thousands of stores. So I wouldn’t have an issue believing that some stores are as bad as people say they are. I have read believable horror stories of truly sexists ASMs working at a walmart for many years before they get fired. So when people say walmart really is bad the potential for it being true is very real as long as they had good work ethics and drive to do well. The potential opportunities of working at a nice walmart is there too. My store regularly gets over $400 my share bonus the last one was maxed out. Only one asm at my store can be a bit tough, still everyone is great but that may only be because New Jersey’s minimum wage is $8.44. Which allows them to be more selective when hiring and what if my store did poorly instead of one of the best in my area? Would I still be dealing with a nice store?

      1. Mamas Angels

        And just how did Rock prove me wrong? It’s called research. maybe you two should try it sometime.

      2. Zany James McConnell (Zany J.

        I have been an overnight stocker for 2 yrs sir and I assure you I am not lazy, but my other hard working co-workers and I get treated like shit and are expected each to do the work of 5+ people every night by them selves!

    2. The Rock

      What in the hell are you talking about? You are claiming that WalMart has insurance policies out on their associates. LOL. That is one of the stupidest comments I have ever read.

      1. Mamas Angels

        Ummm… yeah I said that and no I’m not claiming it it’s facts. Look it up. They cash in on all the employees who die. Their families get nothing. They also get tax write offs when it comes to this. Sadly, they aren’t the only company that does it but they are the biggest. Do you ever listen to the news or pay attention to anything? So now if you have the balls to go and research what I said then you can say your comment is the stupidest comment you ever read. Facts are facts. Education is Key. Try it sometime.

      2. Mamas Angels

        Well Genius and I use that very sarcastically, why don’t you try and do some research? That’s right I said it and no it wasn’t a claim it was facts. Walmart is a very cut throat and greedy corporation. So once you realize what I wrote was the truth you’ll be saying your comment was the stupidest comment you ever read. So how about next time before you show what a jerk you really are educate yourself. Education is key! Oh and… You’re welcome! http://consumerist.com/2007/07/03/walmart-took-secret-life-insurance-policies-out-on-employees-collected-after-their-death/

      3. Mamas Angels

        Why don’t you do your research and find out that what you consider a stupid comment is actually the truth. No claiming just pure facts. Trust me the employees were just as shocked. So how about researching the next time before you “ass”ume anything. Good Day!

      4. wda

        it’s true and easy to verify, but you would have to have an open mind and want to verify it in order to do so.

  11. Lipshit17

    I want to know how walmart says their phasing out FULL-TIME employees but then cuts you from 38hrs to 23 hrs. in one week.

  12. Sheila

    It’s sad when you have given your all to a company finally able to advance your career to management just to he degraded abs beaten down day after day. Once I took pride I my job and company I worked for. Having started at bottom I relate very well to associates I supervise. Unfortunately for my career as well as associates I have finally had enough and see no other way to prevent total melt down & resign a position I had worked so very hard to obtain. It’s not fair to me or my associates that until I arrived hadn’t been privy to what a manager should be. I loose not only income but self esteem having to finally give. Last straw was when told by Co that I needed to make decision to not appear at the time required for upcoming divorce proceedings further stating if my divorce settlement were not going to pay my bills when I get fired for choosing not to walk away with anything after 15 years of marriage. Haven’t had hearing yet but I guess when it goes to court I’ll need to find out if target is hiring. Good luck to anyone new to management role

  13. Doug

    I’ve had a great experience with Walmart, I haven’t been with the company for a year yet and I’m a department manager. You can move up in the company but you have to bust your ass to do it.

    1. XsadwalmartX

      How are you feeling about your job now Doug? Has it crushed your soul yet? I was also promoted in my first year. 4 years later and I want to die.

  14. Ron Reck

    The Rock person posting in this comments section is well off-base. It is either a liar, misinformed person, or that out-of-touch with everyone’s but their own reality that they speak of horrific ignorance about wages and rules of Walmart. First off, all Walmart employees are different -some with lower IQ, some with quite high, and the same for physical work – some job positions are VERY physical, if done the way management suggests – fast, but you don’t see those overnight employees or ones who work the back rooms. How to people think things get on the shelves? It doesn’t jump onto them by themselves. So, why on EARTH doesn’t Walmart pay higher wages, and not just to management, many of whom lie to employees and the public (including online, apparently), and many of whom don’t know how to do their own jobs anywhere near as well as they should, considering the wage difference between the Lower workers and them. They judge some staff by numbers impossible to correctly gauge. Computer stats spit out numbers for managers to use for employees to follow, but they’re numbers that don’t allow for real-time actions, such as depending exactly on what you work on. I’m sure not all managers or stores operate the same, but they all use this robotic method to some degree, some to quite a flaw, with management talking down to you, yet making no sense in what they said, with little room for you to rebuttal in the conversation. Also, pay was changed since these chats, and not for the better for most employees, as portrayed in media. Those wages are for new employees, and the average population shouldn’t let people like The Rock in some comments section fool them. People are ignorant to think Walmart or any huge government or business will just simply act out of the kindness of their hearts, “We come in peace.” These are groups of people concerned more than the average person with money/ power. If you work there, plan to earn little, unless you are a supervisor, with rules and disorganization to follow. If you aren’t a supervisor+, plan on tolerating the job, whether temp or permanent, by sticking to your job in the moment, and ignoring the rules and disorganization as much as you can, but also with supervisors Telling you to do things that hurt the company’s money. Supervisors and managers hurt Walmart’s and Your money as an employee by telling employees to get the job Wrongly done, so they don’t have to deal with it in that moment. They often do this in a rude way, which makes no sense. Walmart’s problems are typical of Human problems, and especially as societal wholes; it’s not just Walmart. Don’t be fooled by big business, government, or the net, though.

  15. Lipshit17

    Listen, People who think that 15.00 an hour will solve everything are DEAD WRONG.Earn your starting wage and work your BUTT OFF to bring that wage up to15.00 or higher.15.00 to start is Wrong.Most of the people who want 15.00 dont want to work for it.EARN IT PEOPLE.

  16. Emile Stevens

    1 year is too long to work at helmart. People with 1+ years experience surely need to go to resume writing class and other workshops to figure out how to escape and go over then wall. I am sure most employers wonder why you worked there for so long.

  17. ben stein

    I wouldn’t recommend Walmart as a employer simply because yes they are raising the starting wage but they are also cutting hours as well as changing the policy on what is considered “full time” used to it was no less than 34 hours a week now its a average of 35 hours a week over 12 weeks what that means is some weeks you may only be scheduled 20ish hours a week for a few weeks then one at 40 then back below 40 they constantly claim to be in a hiring freeze so they require you to do the work of several people and to do it for minuscule amounts of pay they also changed how your yearly pay raises worked used to if you met the standards you would receive .40 which isn’t much but its not that bad considering if you exceeded them you could receive .50 or more now its a percentage its how many average hours you worked that year and how much you make I was told it will be a whopping 2% which is sad I know how management treats its employees I used to be a co manager but had to demote because I became ill and I promise you most management only cares about money it truly is sad that not all management can’t care for their employees even to the point where as a co manager I’ve had to look at my employees and tell them we are cutting hours and to see the crushed looks on their faces some of these people have no other choice to work at Walmart to support families the store I was at was in a small town so your choices were Walmart, fast food which pays less, or drive at least a hour one way

  18. Dolora

    Ok this might be late but frankly I don’t care. I work for Walmart now and I have been for the past 9 months. I did receive my $10 raise. But honestly it isn’t worth any of it.
    Walmart is very disrespectful to their employees. They stall and refuse breaks and lunches to the employees all because they are backed up. If an employee comes in at any time of the day and offers to help with extra areas plus taking care of rude customers for 3 hours straight, they damn well deserve a break when they are supposed to get their break or lunch. Being told no is outright ridiculous.
    Self Check out used to be 20 items or less. Out of greed, people can now come in self check out with huge baskets full of stuff and back the line up with customer who just want to quickly pay for their items and leave. This raises things being stolen and more pressure on employees who aren’t even hired to be a loss prevention specialist. The other day I was a self check out attendant and loss prevention called to my area and at the same time my customer service manager was there. She picked up the phone and they told her to keep an eye on a customer who seemed to be skipping over things. Mind you the customer has not yet started ringing her items yet. The csm told me to go watch the customer and another customer was asking for help. I went back to tell the csm to help that person but instead I get yelled at and told to go watch the customer who hadn’t even started yet.

    Bathroom breaks are impossible. You ask repeatedly and they ignore you. Then you take matters into your own hands and turn your light off. They walk by and tell you to turn it back on. You tell them you had previously requested to use the bathroom starting 30 minutes ago. So they still ignore you and tell you they will send someone and never do.

    I have asked for options to allow me to do other areas of the store yet no one will ever give me the right person to talk to. They throw around names and you spend days searching for this person who can’t even do what u need them to and then when you finally find the right persons name, they are never around and don’t bother calling because no one likes o answer the phone.

    I have take the test to become a department manager and failed which is odd because it’s almost the same test you take when you are applying. Funny because I’m working there. Odd thing is that you answer those questions right and get hired but you fail when you want to become a department manager, hmmm apparently you have to be rude and a complete asshole to be one of those. Which is what majority of our managers are here and world wide.

    You take precautions when it comes to spills and messes but you can’t be in two places at once. You ask for assistance and no one shows up. Then someone ends up falling and now they show up. Then all the employees get yelled at because “we aren’t doing our jobs”

    On slow days, we take so many customers and then clean our work stations, at least I do. Well no one was around and I was at one of the registers towards the other end of the store which is the gm side. I take out my spray and paper towels to clean my belt and a manager comes yelling at me because I need to be “red lining” (standing at the end looking for customers). So apparently you have to be clean to get hired but when you are hired you can’t clean.

    Moral of the story is that Walmart is full of shit and they don’t respect their employees. They drag us around and have us do the work which we are hired for but they don’t like to reward us with our breaks and lunches on time. Walmart doesn’t even have respect for their customers. Sam would have shamed them all if he saw how his company was being ran. Greedy bastards.

    1. Haha umad?

      You’re a fool. The moment I read, ” If an employee comes in at any time of the day and offers to help with extra areas plus taking care of rude customers for 3 hours straight, they damn well deserve a break when they are supposed to get their break or lunch. Being told no is outright ridiculous”, I knew you didn’t know what you were talking about. There’s no such thing as a “bathroom break”, lmfao. You either need to go to the bathroom or you don’t, you just want to waste time. Also, you don’t get any sort of break UNLESS you work a 6 hour or more shift. 3 hours is nothing to people that actually work, you’re just a self-entitled, lazy, disrespectful leech that wants the pay but not the work. Get over yourself. Too many people like you at Walmart.

      1. Christine Hause

        haha umad? you do not know what you are talking about. after 2 hrs you get a 15min break another 2hrs your lunch then another 2hrs 15min break full-time. Part-time 15min break and a lunch. im not stuck on a register no technically there is not a bathroom break did you just want delora to say I have to pee or #2 when you ask its because you have to go it might not be urgent at that particular time but as time goes on and you are not relieved you’re doing the P dance. at my store we have Managers who are real D***s and some who are really nice been with the company 12 yrs

      2. Carol June

        hahaumad please do not tell me you are in management. OSHA states employees must have access to bathrooms. It’s the law. Action code 204 is bathroom break…hmm wonder why? Please read rest breaks on the wire.

  19. Don

    I was an external hire to WalMart as an ASM. I admit I was excited when I got hired but soon thereafter I just didn’t agree with the way I was told to do business. I was constantly told to cut hours and lead with an iron fist. It was a very strange atmosphere to be part of and something I just never grasped or bought into 100%. I typically worked 6 days a week at 10 hour shifts and the 10 hours usually turned into 11 or 12. I was. “Surprise” scheduled on my days off at times and never told. One day at work I just left. Just decided I had enough and didn’t wanna be part of it. Just not my atmosphere. Some people think I was crazy for doing it but honestly most people at my store were treated horrible. I just didn’t want to be in an atmosphere of misery. Lesson learned. I’ve moved on.

  20. Jeanette Wood

    I worked at walmart for almost 2 years , first i was a delli associate than i went to maintenence. Some of you say the managers are rude but that isn’t the half of it, once I became a part of the maintenance crew I started working allot of nights and this one manager one day kept passing by me every time I went to take trash or switch to doing something else and had to go to my station to get other items , one night I am working and he calls me into the office and asks me what have you done all day I ran down the list of things I had done and he out right called me a lier and said he felt I was doing nothing and that I better improve, a few nights later he saw me at the time clock getting ready to clock out and wrote me up for standing there 7 minutes ahead of time and the harrasment just kept going , my manager told me he would have a talk with him and after that he left me alone for a few weeks then he called me back in his office again, and him and another manager that didn’t like me more or less hammered me with questions and the other manager told me that they hadn’t seen me all day even though I had spoke to them while passing by them several times and they also said they had actually came and got the dust mop themselves and did a safety sweep because their area looked bad because I didn’t do it and as many times as I had been in that area I never saw this done, two days later got called in again this time he told me next time he had to speak to me I would be fired and the next day I was going to talk to our head manager and he made some suggestions but also said the manager had been in speaking against me, The next mourning I was making my rounds and another associate walked up and told me there was a spill, I followed him immediately and while I was mopping noticed that three managers were stationed in areas very close to where I was , the manager that had been accusing me walks u and tells me to get up the spill after I had already done so and I told him I allready had he walks away and I went back to what I was doing and started walking away and another manager walks up and says you can’t leave this like that you must dry it up. i turned back around and squeesed out the mop as best I could and ran it over tha area again and then as I was leaving was called back to the office accused of disrespecting the first manager and fired I could go back in 6 months but not sure I want to

    1. Patrick Dark

      If they “promoted” you to maintenance immediately before trying to fire you, my guess is the promotion itself was so that they could fire you or, preferably, get you to quit. I used to work in the deli and they would promote people into other departments who would be gone shortly thereafter.

    2. Gordon W

      1. You have a maintenance cart for your plethora of items. You’re making excuses for walking around because you’re lazy.
      2. Standing by the time clock “waiting” to clock out is illegal and against company policy, because you’re literally stealing company time because you’re, you guessed it, lazy.
      3. So you admit to not using the dust mop in the area they complained about, and you think it’s justifiable to call them out on a claim that they did your job for you because you’re….Lazy? This is getting old.
      4. You can’t even use a mop correctly. I’m surprised you lasted almost 2 years, honestly.
      5. Git gud.

      1. Harry Rundle

        Maybe you should stop riding those penny pinching desk jockies at home office

  21. rick spalding

    While walmart employees may be the little people. This is happening to everyone. And those in the booming tech industry, it evolves so fast during the next ten years you will be next

  22. Pamela Haymond

    People, this is so easy to fix. Customers-shop elsewhere. How long do you think Walmart will last if everyone just stopped shopping there and told the owners and executives at corporate, “we won’t come back until you pay your employees a liveable wage, give them decent benefits, full time hours and get rid of the abuse. If you raise your prices to make up for this, we will go elsewhere” Darn the Waltons would make 5 billion a year instead of 9. Boo freaking hoo. We have the power. Walmart wouldnt last a week. Stupid Americans, never fixing the actual problem just bandaiding the symptoms.

    1. Patrick Dark

      A problem is a lot of Americans have the mindset that if you object to Walmart’s labor practices so much, you simply shouldn’t work there. Meanwhile, shopping there to take advantage of those labor practices is fine because, after all, those people are still choosing to work there.

      1. Gordon W

        A problem is people expect easy work and more pay because they’re lazy do-nothing snowflakes.

  23. concerned employee

    I’ve worked at wal mart over 3 1/2 years you get treated badly and u speak out against them retaliation does happen. All is good if your a manager but if not ur the scapegoat especially if ur a truck unloader.. Then u get all the blame and ridiculous goals set that nobody can meet. I recently was written up for being to slow with them knowing my back is bad and I am unable to pull as fast as some of the younger guys… Other than that I get more done than them while unloading and stocking shelves… Not to mention they refused to excuse my absences for my sister literally dying. Still have 3 unexcused for her being given one week left to live. Sorry but family is more important than any job or paycheck that u can receive in your life. Walmart needs to change the policies back to like it was and unionize to protect employees from the Bs we deal with!!!

    1. Patrick Dark

      When I was there from 2007-2008, they had an unrealistic unloading goals chart. You’d need a full crew of strong, able-bodied men putting all effort into their job to meet the goals on a busy day, something hard to come by at the wage Walmart was paying then. (It was the minimum wage +$0.20 back then, if I recall correctly.)

      Then they’d hire drunks, people with bad hips, or able-bodied people that would do as little work as possible and expect the scheduling goals to be met.

      Of course, it was made worse by the fact that the receiving area was far too small for the amount of merchandise that store handled. You need more labor to work in a smaller area because this means constantly shuffling merchandise out of the work area when there’s no place nearby to put it.

      1. Gordon W

        You’re a sissy. They have females on the unloading crew at my walmart and they do just fine. Git gud.

  24. Chris Bellingham

    In Canada I worked at Walmart from November 4th 2015 to the end of December and on and off through January of 2016. I quit in feb of 2016 because of all the bs and crap Walmart was putting me through. I was starting college in January and when I got the job I told them about it, they said give us you’re school schedule and a time availability sheet. Put it in, nothing changed. Got to the point that they were calling me through school to see where I was, I was working part time and they were working me closely to 40 hours a week without benefits. I was then verbally abused because people had to take my shifts and they were upset, managers would be fiercely talking to me about my work ethic and that I should work my weekends because people were taking my shifts during the week, i proceeded to explain that if they did their jobs correctly and actually changed my hours because Walmart is “so flexible” we wouldn’t be doing this right now. I proceeded to hand in two more time availability sheets and nothing happened. I then receive a letter on a Wednesday stating that I abandoned my job and it’ll be put on my work record if I dont call in by the Friday if that week. So I call and continue to get bashed on the phone by the store manager I repeat, the store manager, about how I wasn’t doing my job and I didn’t even come in on weekends that I said I’d work and I said “how’s it feel when people don’t do the things they say they are going to do, fucks you over right?” I proceeded to tell her I quit. Went in the Friday, looked for her all around the store, was hiding from me and “people from head office” were there. So my dumb manager came in and signed my papers, saying I quit. Told me I could get a job up to 6 months later without hassle, they changed that to 3 months just after I left. The month after I received my T4 in the mail. Said I was terminated. So fuck Walmart. The customers don’t even see the shit that goes on behind curtains. Too many people who think they can run the show, but are terrible at it.

    1. Chris Bellingham

      Oh yeah I was also written up by some dumb broad saying I was constantly on my phone when my phone was in my pocket turned off the entire time I’m on the floor. Oh yeah also stealing money. What a bunch of bafoons!

  25. XsadwalmartX

    I work at a Walmart as a department manager (literal cancer) in Canada and started to speak out about the understaffing. After years without incident, I’ve now been written up 3 times and have faced my “decision day” all within a few months. They work us to the bone and don’t pay a living wage. We are all miserable but too afraid of losing our jobs to speak up. To my store, I am now an example of what happens when you do. Believe it or not I’ve even been scolded for “sulking” during th morning meeting. A.k.a not participating in the absolutely ridiculously embarassing cheer. However had I not show up for the meeting at all, I’d be scolded for not being a team player. I hate my job so much, I wish so deeply that I could find something else.

  26. Gaile Kaiser

    So I was just fired today cause of their stupid point system and some of them were cause I was late but most with good reason. My car broke down three different times for two days each and they wouldn’t ok it. I needed a new battery and couldn’t afford it and then a fuel injector problem and then I got food poisoning for two days and they wouldn’t ok that. I talked to my HR lady like a month and a half ago with my concerns of why none of that would be ok’d and I told her that I was afraid I was going to be fired cause of my points and why they were not being ok’d and to the reason why I need to go home early some times or why I’m late some times for medical reasons. I had a stroke 3 years ago and have Factor V Leiden and I am in my early 50’s and do have slowing of the brain and yata, yata, and so cause I went home early last week cause I was just feeling real sluggish like I had weights on my legs and I was dizzy. Since I have a 100% blocked carotid artery it’s easy to get dehydrated, hence the light headedness. I feel like I was wrongfully fired. My alarm didn’t go off the next day and I was late, so then I guess that took me to 9. But they let me work like 2 hrs. today and then fired me. The store manager wasn’t there, the HR lady wasn’t there. They wrote me a check and walked me to the door. 🙁 Oh the HR lady never got back to me. They did change my time to 30 minutes later and that was helping, but I had to ask my manager to do that for me.

      1. Gaile Kaiser

        Yeah and your a jack ass as you know nothing of my situation. I had a stroke three years ago and have had problems since then. The rest is none of your business ass hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Wayne Vaughan

          I feel for you Gaile and I hope things get better for you. I understand how hard it to work for a very cruel employer that does very little for its associates.

    1. Wayne Vaughan

      Walmart is a very cruel employer to work for. I was fired June 7, 2017 after 10 years of hard, dedicated, service overnight as a stocker. The training was inadequate and the abuse was continuous. I have a bad right leg and several hernias from being slave driven on the hard concrete floor. It is very hard to find another job. Im having a very hard time.

  27. Bennie

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  28. Gordon W

    No such thing as an “assistant store manager”. This is b.s., don’t believe this article, lmfao. You have support managers, assistant managers, co-managers, and store managers, then it goes into market in that order. What a bunch of tools, lmfao publishing a b.s. article. Git mad.

  29. Narek

    An Assistant Manager is an Assistant Store Manager; hence their title A.S.M., they are referred to as Assistant Managers for short. This article is totally true. Personally, I have worked for Walmart at two different times in my life and it’s way worse now than it once was in regard to benefits, hours being cut etc…Not to mention I have a cousin that is a Market Manager. Walmart’s chain of command is; Associate, Customer Service Manager (C.S.M.), Department Manager (daytime), Inventor Merchandise Supervisor (overnight), Support Manager, Assistant Store Manager (A.S.M.) Shift Manager, Co-Manager, Store Manager then Market Manager and by the time you get to Market Manager you are in the corporate level.

  30. Yep I'm Here

    Everything in Walmart is Bullsh*t. Even their promotional questions. What are GREAT answers for one interviewer are poor answers for the next etc. etc. Promotion should not be based on JUST the interview and the whims of the managers. There should be an independent interview process. I KNOW at least 2 Assistant Managers that failed their verbal interviews but was promoted anyway because one knew either the store manager hiring (previous co-worker) and the other was a friend of the sister of that store manager. Yet better associates were left in the dust. Gotta ask how an associate with 5 years experience 26 applications for promotions, but only 3 interviews left, went to Target to work as an Assistant Manager.

  31. Rasheeah Foster

    Dont work for Walmart they are a shitty job I was in highschool when I worked for them and they wouldn’t go by my schedule got points after points for not being there when I am in class school comes before work plus I had other money so I really didnt care if they fired me they force u to take 30 minutes of unpaid break not a choice

  32. Charles Baca

    Almost all corporations are going this way! Working people over Christmas or thanksgiving for more profit, cutting benefits, cutting wages , hours! Collective bargaining is the only way to share in the success. Walmart is only 1 corporation that is doing this! Fuck corporations, in addition, they don’t want unions because collective bargaining increases benefits and gives people power! I think we should all just March in these stores and take whatever we want! They are not going to play fair….EVER!! They need to be burned to the ground, greed will destroy our country or make present day slaves out of people!!

  33. Sarah Selzer

    My husband was called for an interview to our Walmart distribution office. He was able to apply for a full time position because he has already been working for Walmart. The well paying/full time job felt like he’d be promoted, so we waited to see if he’d done well enough during the interview to get the job. Two days later he gets an email that said he wasn’t eligible for the transfer, but if he believed this to be an error then he should go to his HR department. Turns out he did do well enough to be picked, but an incorrectly done evaluation said he was below expectations. His supervisor does not agree with it, his department head doesn’t agree, and the head of grocery not only didn’t agree with the evaluation… He was even upset that he never got the opportunity to approve that low evaluation. He told my husband flat out if he had seen this, which is part of correct procedure, he wouldn’t have let it go through. Not much help now, however, as his dream of doubling his salary got too far away to be realized anytime in the near future. His manager even went to bat for him, but if the computer won’t let him be transferred then there is nothing anyone could do. It’s sad for me to think about this, because the store was given opportunities to correct the error, but do to oversight it just never got done. He missed this job not once but twice do to computer error, he has been unable to be made full time… Even though they keep trying (because he deserves it), he can’t even move departments to learn more about the store to better himself. The best he can do now is wait until the first of the year where he is assured he will get the evaluation he deserves and be made full time. But when you almost doubled your salary… making the same, but just a day more is not much of a compromise. It’s bad enough that so many employees feel from the start you don’t make enough and you lose so many benefits. But when you can’t even move up in your store, and not because you are a bad employee… But because of a mistake, and there is no means to fix it… It takes unhappy employees and turns them into hopeless employees instead. I just hope my husband can hang on awhile longer for more opportunities to open up and once he gets the evaluation done right then hopefully we can put all this behind us… I just hope no other good, hardworking, and deserving people who want to climb the ladder encouters this problem. If anyone does and the find this post my advice is sit on your managers and make sure they fix it before you start missing your gateways to advance.

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