Congress Should Stand with Working People 

March 6, 2024

Background:  Attacks on joint-employer standards are attacks on low-wage workers and their ability to organize. Wealthy CEOs, their lobbyists, and politicians on the right have attacked joint-employer standards for decades. During the 1980s, a conservative National Labor Relations Board whittled the definition of joint-employer status to benefit corporations and dissolve… Read More»

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The Facts on the WAGE Act

September 16, 2015

On September 16, Senator Patty Murray and Congressman Bobby Scott introduced the Workplace Action for a Growing Economy (WAGE) Act – legislation that would ensure that working people can join together without fear of reprisal to win improvements on the job, including higher wages, benefits and better working conditions. This… Read More»

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Fired for Organizing? There’s a New Bill for That.

August 5, 2014

Last week, Representatives Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) and John Lewis (D-Ga.) introduced a bill that would strengthen protections for workers who are retaliated against for supporting a union. The Employee Empowerment Act would give leverage to workers trying to exercise their right to organize without fear of intimidation by their employer.… Read More»

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The Haves and Have-Nots

June 27, 2009

How American Labor Law Denies a Quarter of the Workforce Collective Bargaining Rights Download Executive Summary (PDF) Download Full Report (PDF) The right to organize and bargain collectively under the protection of law is the bedrock upon which workers are able to form or join a labor union. American labor… Read More»

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Neither Free Nor Fair

July 10, 2007

Neither Free Nor Fair: The Subversion of Democracy Under NLRB Elections contrasts what NLRB elections look like in the real world with what happens in elections for public office. By Gordon Lafer, Ph.D. American Rights at Work July 2007 Executive Summary (PDF: 4 pages, 77KB) Full Report (PDF: 72 pages, 733 KB)… Read More»

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