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Taxpayer Subsidized Evictions

January 21, 2021

Corporate landlords aggressively pursued COVID-related government assistance, with at least 197 of them garnering $320 million in federal COVID subsidies. These 197 subsidy-rich corporate landlords collectively filed at least 5,381 evictions between March 16th and October 13th. Corporate landlords leading in evictions and receiving federal assistance include: Ventron Management (1,017… Read More»

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It is not too late to stop the worst eviction crisis in a century

July 23, 2020

Redlining. Predatory lending. Evictions. Housing practices, based on structural racism and in service of white supremacy, continue to determine who gets a home and where. Over the coming weeks, the United States will face a housing crisis deeper than any seen in the last hundred years, one that will once… Read More»

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