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VICTORY! Montana Will No Longer Take Away Your Driver’s License if You Can’t Pay Back Your Loans

April 10, 2015

For the more than 40 million student debtors who, on average, owe $30,000, keeping up with bills every month is next to impossible. In fact, new data released by the Department of Education shows that nearly a third of all student debtors with federal student debt are behind on their… Read More»

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How the U.S. Department of Education Shirks Oversight Responsibility and Operates Like a Big Bank

March 25, 2014

One in five American households holds education debt,i posing an increasingly large threat to our economic recovery. As politicians at the federal, state and local levels consider possible solutions to this growing crisis, one government agency finds itself at the center of the student loan debate. The U.S. Department of… Read More»

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