One in five American households holds education debt,i posing an increasingly large threat to our economic recovery. As politicians at the federal, state and local levels consider possible solutions to this growing crisis, one government agency finds itself at the center of the student loan debate. The U.S. Department of… Read More»

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When workers want to vote on whether to form a union, they should have a fair chance to do so. The Problem: Currently when employees decide to hold an election on whether to form a union, they encounter significant uncertainty and obstacles that make the process unfair. After workers petition… Read More»

The POWER CampaignThe POWER Campaign seeks to eliminate the threat of ICE in worker organizing efforts. It also aims to expand protections for worker leaders who stand up to unscrupulous employers. Learn more through our new fact sheet: About the POWER Campaign

Get the facts on the Large Retailer Accountability Act, a historic, game-changing bill to guarantee living wages to employees of the world’s most profitable retailers.

Read these ten critical facts about Sallie Mae that exemplify the need for increased regulation in the private student loan industry. Download: Top 10 Things You Don’t Know About Sallie Mae (PDF)

It is far too easy for unscrupulous employers to manipulate current immigration laws to exploit immigrant workers. Labor protections must be included in immigration reform or nearly every worker — no matter where they were born — stands to lose. Get the facts on the importance of worker protections in… Read More»

Consumer voices supporting a road map to citizenship.

Contingent workers are those not employed in traditional, full-time jobs that are expected to last. This term also covers workers who are subcontracted, employed by temp agencies, or work as independent contractors. While widely accepted as a standard business practice to enable flexibility in hiring, employers are increasingly exploiting workers… Read More»

“Right to work” sounds like a good idea. But in reality, these laws have nothing to do with providing rights or work. Right-to-work laws make it optional for workers protected by a union contract to help pay for the expenses that the union incurs while guaranteeing the rights of all employees.… Read More»

If you’ve never been in a union, chances are the concept is pretty foreign. When it comes to understanding unions, collective bargaining, and labor laws, the technical jargon can get really confusing, not to mention all of the misinformation about unions that’s regularly spread around. This quick tutorial gives the… Read More»