April 30, 2014

Workers’ Rights Advocate Sounds Off on Minimum Wage Vote

Who writes the rules in our democracy? McDonald’s or Senator McConnell? Walmart or Senator Pryor?

Ori Korin, ori@jwj.org or 202-393-1044 x126

Washington, D.C. – Following the U.S. Senate’s failed vote to end debate on the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2013 (S. 2223), Jobs With Justice Executive Director Sarita Gupta issued this statement:

“Today, a handful of U.S. senators failed 30 million workers, the majority of the American people and our entire economic recovery by casting a vote that prevents the Fair Minimum Wage Act from moving forward in Congress.

“Ignoring overwhelming public support for the increase and a convincing body of research affirming the positive economic impact of raising wages, our elected officials once again catered to a small population of wealthy special interests whose only priority is protecting their own bottom line – even at the expense of hardworking people.

“Of course, these fast food and retail CEOs have figured out how to give themselves raises but continue to spend millions to fight back against legislative efforts that would give their workers a much-needed boost in pay. The truth is, these profitable corporations can absolutely afford to pay their workers more – they just won’t, and too many elected officials allow them to get away with it. It’s simply unacceptable that U.S. senators are decrying poverty on one day and then enabling large corporations to keep the wage floor low for our nation’s entire workforce on the next. Until low-wage employers are held accountable for paying workers fairly, corporations like Walmart, McDonald’s, Target and Burger King will continue to offer poverty wages that prevent our hardworking friends and neighbors from making basic ends meet.”


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  1. Eileen Ordway

    The backbone of economic stability is decent wages and reasonable benefits for working individuals rather than profits staying in the hands of those at the top of the income range.

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