September 24, 2019

Jobs With Justice Continues to Stand in Solidarity with GM Workers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                                                                September 24, 2019

CONTACT: Jessica Felix Romero, Job With Justice || 202- 393-1044 x104

Washington, D.C.- Jobs With Justice continues to stand in solidarity with the 49,000 working people at General Motors plants across the country that are currently on strike. By leading the largest private sector strike in over a decade, working people are taking bold collective action to fight against corporate greed and demand fair wages, affordable healthcare, and a path to permanent seniority for temporary workers. Even in the face of GM trying to force workers into an agreement by suddenly terminating their health coverage, the workers are staying strong and showing up in full force to the picket lines. Jobs With Justice coalitions across the country are supporting workers on the picket lines, including Southeast Michigan JWJ, Texas New Era Center, CEJ Buffalo, and others. From organizing solidarity mobilizations to support picket lines in partnership with various community organizations to supporting calls for donations, Jobs With Justice coalitions are standing with the workers fighting corporate greed.

“General Motors and other companies would have us fall for the illusion that there isn’t enough money to support the people who make our cars enough to sustain their families. But we know there’s plenty of money; money from taxpayers who bailed the company out in 2008, money saved from Trumps tax plan that could be in the hands of working people and not the back office executives, money that is all paying for senior management bonuses,  executive retreats, and lobbying efforts that do not align with our values. There’s plenty of money, and it’s ours! GM should be increasing wages and improving healthcare, not cutting them,” said Erica Smiley, executive director, Jobs With Justice.


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