July 12, 2019

ICE Must End Its Perpetual Assault on Immigrant Families

In response to the upcoming series of raids Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) plans to launch against immigrant families, Jobs With Justice has issued the following statement:

ICE plans to drastically increase raids targeting immigrant families in major cities across the United States in the coming days. Despite public outrage and resistance across the country, President Donald Trump, alongside ICE and Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) will stop at nothing to harm immigrant families living in the United States.

Jobs With Justice joins together with organizations, individuals, and others in strong opposition and resistance to these cruel and abusive measures. We see this for what it is: targeting human beings and deporting them to rile up his political base ahead of an election.

“At Jobs With Justice, we know that ICE stops working people from accessing their basic rights – like being paid the minimum wage or safe working conditions,” said Natalie Patrick-Knox, Senior Organizer—Immigration & Workers’ Rights at Jobs With Justice. “Now, Trump’s raids are targeting working families, forcing parents and families into detention camps – a horrific, terrorizing place for anyone to be let alone mothers and fathers with children to be.”

President Trump and his allies are doing everything they can to create chaos and harm human beings—from concentration camps in the desert Southwest, forcing asylum seekers to remain in some of the most dangerous parts of Mexico, to the ICE raids happening next week. With camps already full of people who should be free, they now  plan to use  hotels as temporary detention centers for immigrants hunted down in raids. Working people at hotels across the country will be put in a compromised position: stand up for dignity and human rights—or cower in fear to ICE’s demands.

It’s why Jobs With Justice joined with immigrant and labor groups throughout the U.S. telling hotels not to profit from ICE and not serve as detention centers for immigrants.

When our co-workers, friends, neighbors and family members are rounded up in politicized raids to appease President Trump’s white nationalist base for his campaign, we say enough. When people in power actively undermine human rights by running shame courts and calling it due process, we will not be fooled. When people are too fearful to leave their homes to go to work, we stand with them. We will not step aside while those who profit off our labor terrorize our communities. This administration must end its policy of cruelty and white supremacy.

It’s time to end the perpetual assault on immigrant families.


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