March 10, 2014

Jonathan Williams

Looks like the critics were wrong on this one

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Opponents to raising the minimum wage often declare doomsday predictions about what will happen to jobs. But is any of it true?

“Washington state, for example, has the nation’s highest rate, $9.32 an hour. Despite dire predictions that increases would cripple job growth and boost unemployment, this isn’t what happened.

At 6.6 percent, the unemployment rate in December was a click below the U.S. average, 6.7 percent, and the state’s job creation is sturdy, 16th in the nation, according to a report by Stateline, the news service of the Pew Charitable Trusts.”

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1 Comment on “Looks like the critics were wrong on this one”

  1. Stan Hazelroth

    Democrats should put minimum wage propositions on the ballot in every state possible to bring out many democratic voters who might otherwise skip the mid-term. Seems like a win-win no brainer

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