May 20, 2013

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Fighting for a Voice: Walmart Workers Speak Out Despite Systematic Labor Abuse

A new white paper details Walmart’s extensive and systematic efforts to silence associates who speak out for better jobs. The paper features the stories of workers like Cindy Lee, a model employee and active OUR Walmart member who reports being fired for calling in sick after she was publicly involved with OUR Walmart last fall. The study also finds that Walmart has escalated efforts to silence associates and community supporters since the historic Black Friday strikes, in part with aggressive and meritless litigation intended to intimidate workers and their supporters from raising their concerns inside or near Walmart stores.

The report draws from more than 150 incidents to document Walmart’s efforts to deter lawful activities by the company’s workers involved in the Organization United for Respect at Walmart (OUR Walmart). Though federal labor law prohibits the use of coercive or intimidating actions by employers to interfere with workers’ “protected concerted activity,” some Walmart associates who have joined OUR Walmart and come together to address concerns about working conditions have faced harassment, threats, changes to their jobs and working conditions, and retaliatory discipline – including termination – for speaking out.

Download the white paper:
Fighting for a Voice: Walmart Workers Speak Out Despite Systematic Labor Abuse
Erin Johansson, Research Director, American Rights at Work


1 Comment on “Fighting for a Voice: Walmart Workers Speak Out Despite Systematic Labor Abuse”

  1. Tom P Noonan

    this is Tom P Noonan on July 1996 I did hit the Member Car with a Basket when I was working at Sam’s Club 6625 because my Dad yell at Me in July 1996 I did open up my Joint Saving Account with my Dad in july 1996 because I did have Difficult listen to my Dad when my Dad have a Stoke I been wrongful Terminated from San Fernando Ca Sam’s Club 6625 on August the 28 2002 like I been Accuse be rude to Member like I been accuse I hit the Member with a Basket and call her name on August 26 2002 like I didn’t be rude to Member on August 26 2002 I didn’t not hit the Member with a Basket august 26 2002 and I didn’t call the Member name August 26 2002 in August 1999 one of the Member say I am going to have you fire if you acting Rude because I ask him help me load Merchandise into their Vehicle then I did told Him the Member I am sorry I won’t acting rude to Member no more in August 1999 in August 1999 I did help him load Merchandise into their Vehicle.

    Thank You Very Much
    From Tom P Noonan

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