July 17, 2018

Joel Mendelson

Amazon Prime Day Brought to You by Low Wages and Dangerous Working Conditions

Today marks Amazon’s Prime Day, an annual sales event invented by the e-commerce giant. Thanks to the retailer’s ubiquitous advertising and heavily-discounted prices, people now flock to Amazon.com to scoop up bargains for the day. But what makes those deals possible?

Around the world, the women and men working inside Amazon warehouses, spend long shifts sorting, packaging, and shipping items to customers. They often face grueling conditions inside hot, poorly insulated warehouses, spending 12 hours on their feet, with few—if any—breaks. The demands are so high that people working at Amazon warehouses collapse from exhaustion and some have died on the job.

All the while, Amazon shareholders and executives rake in outrageous profits. On Monday, Bloomberg analysts named Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos the richest person on Earth.

Amazon warehouse employees have had enough. People around the world are using Prime Day to stand up, calling on Amazon to provide decent wages, alongside safe and healthy working conditions. Across Europe, women and men in Amazon warehouses joined together on the outset of Prime Day and went on strike. As part of their protest, they called on people throughout the world to boycott Amazon’s biggest shopping day of the year.

Jobs With Justice stands with those working in Amazon warehouses fighting for dignity on the job and a fair return on their work. Help the working people of Amazon raise attention to their demands for a fair return on their work by getting the word out about the dark side of Amazon’s Prime Day!

Here’s what some—including Jobs With Justice—are saying about Amazon on Prime Day:


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