July 20, 2015

Ethan Miller

Working Families Need Overtime Protection

Update as of 8/26/15: We’ve submitted more than 5,000 of your comments to the Department of Labor. Stay tuned!

Hard work should be rewarded with good pay!

That’s why the Obama Administration has proposed a major fix to the problem of too many Americans who are forced to work overtime in low paying jobs for no additional pay. By more than doubling the amount eligible employees can earn while still getting the security of overtime protection, nearly 5 million people stand to benefit.

Of course, it’s not a done deal. You can bet the big business lobby doesn’t want the overtime rules updated, as they don’t want our time to become more valuable. They’re trying to kill this proposal and we can’t let that happen.

We need to make sure the Department of Labor knows that there is overwhelming support for reforming overtime rules. Send a message to the Department of Labor now! You can use our pre-filled letter, or tell your own story of why overtime protections need to be expanded.

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