May 29, 2015

Ethan Miller

Tell the House to Vote NO on Fast Track!

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Fast Track legislation has passed out of the Senate and is headed for the the House of Representatives. Any day now, your representatives may vote on this dangerous legislation that would grant Congress license to expedite secret job-killing trade policies written by the 1% for the 1% that will kill jobs.

Call your representative NOW and demand they vote NO on Fast Track!

Here’s what to do:

  1. Call 1-855-980-2349. You will be directed to your representative’s office.
  2. Use these talking points:

— Hi there, my name is [NAME] and as a [STATE] resident, I am calling to urge you to vote against Fast Track, which would pave the way for the Trans-Pacific Partnerships.

— I’ve had enough of bad trade deals that trade U.S. jobs to the lowest bidder and increase the power of multinational corporations and Wall Street over our democracy.

— I urge you to stand up to this corporate power grab and vote NO on fast-track authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Thank you.

  1. Use the comment box below to let us know how your call with your representative’s office went! Were you able to leave a message or speak with someone directly? Did he or she indicate your representative’s position on the legislation?

Need more information on why Fast Track is bad for workers and communities? Here you go!

Once Fast Track authority is granted, Congress is allowed only limited debate on pending trade deals and is unable to offer improvements through amendments. That means it’s practically impossible for workers and consumers to have a voice on trade policies that may hurt them and their communities in the future – exactly as the corporate lobbyists negotiating these deals in private intended!

Fast Track wouldn’t allow adequate public scrutiny of significant trade deals and how they will affect American jobs, labor rights, the environment, food safety and other important issues. In other words, Fast Track would grant Congress license to expedite secretly negotiated trade policies written by the 1% for the 1%.

Trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, drafted by special interests in the backrooms of power, should be subject to vigorous democratic debate. “Fast Track” limits Congress’ ability to oppose specific provisions within trade agreements that would never pass on their own. We know from the record of failed trade deals like NAFTA that these provisions have a devastating impact on jobs, wages and communities. It’s time to learn a lesson from the millions of jobs lost because of trade deals passed under Fast Track authority.

Please call your representative now at 1-855-980-2349!

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