The Labor Movement Demands a Ceasefire

For over two years, Jobs With Justice has been proud to be part of the No Tech For Apartheid campaign, leveraging worker power to push corporations to be more transparent, accountable, and ethical – especially when it comes to potentially profiting off of conflict and oppression.

As the conflict in Gaza escalated this year, Google and Amazon tech workers with the #NoTechForApartheid campaign ramped up calls for their tech giant employers to drop ​Project Nimbus, a $1.2 billion cloud computing contract providing the Israeli military with advanced AI tools.

Labor activists, rank-and-file members, and some of the largest unions in the United States came together to demand a ceasefire, denounce needless violence, and condemn profiteers of war. Jobs With Justice joined the chorus of calls for peace

Portland JWJ and North Bay JWJ also stood up boldly in solidarity and led powerful actions, reflective teach-ins, and much more.

“At Portland Jobs with Justice, we mean it when we say ‘solidarity to workers everywhere,’” Jill Pham, the executive director of Portland JWJ, told Truthout. “Palestinian trade unions made a call for labor to take a stand and we’ve answered.”