No Contract, No Coffee!

Starbucks Workers United continued their historic organizing drive at Starbucks in 2023, and Jobs With Justice coalitions in Philadelphia, Chicago, Portland, East Tennessee, Missouri, Long Island, Massachusetts, Central Florida, and Washington, D.C. mobilized around many newly unionized stores. 

Despite a major CEO transition, a nationally televised hearing in the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee, and billions lost in profit over boycotts, Starbucks remained steadfast in their union-busting techniques. With over 700 labor violations filed with the National Labor Relations Board, Starbucks has been found guilty of violating labor law at least three dozen times so far and continues their refusal to negotiate a first contract with SBWU.

From adopting stores to joining the Red Cup Rebellion, the JWJ network stood in solidarity with Starbucks Workers United across the country. In May, JWJ national supported workers in Ithaca, New York after Starbucks closed two stores in retaliation. Jobs With Justice Executive Director Erica Smiley also joined Starbucks Worker United organizer Nabretta Hardin of the Memphis 7 on CNN’s The Assignment with Audie Cornish to discuss a new generation of workers demanding more than benefits and better pay. 

The new generation taking to the streets today are the ones who are winning. And that’s saying something to those who have been naysayers historically. I think that’s the magic of this moment, and why as anxiety-producing as it can be for a lot of us, it’s why it feels like we’re on the upsurge – on a win.”

Erica Smiley, JWJ Executive Director

It’s clearer than ever that Starbucks is afraid of workers exercising their rights and wielding power. And terrified of democracy. Jobs With Justice will remain committed to showing up for Starbucks Workers United as they hold Starbucks accountable.