2023 Impact Report

We hope you enjoy this 2023 year-in-review and join us in reflecting on all the ways Jobs With Justice continued to support workers in motion, both by trailblazing new forms of expanded bargaining, while also remaining in deep solidarity with the millions of workers who fought and WON incredible victories.

In all of our work, Jobs With Justice led with clarity on confronting various types of power with campaigns that shape the future of our country. Our ability to bring together a broad range of allies – whether traditional labor organizations, community organizations or everyday activists – remains key to our ability to win big long-term. Jobs With Justice is grateful for and committed to working with our partners to not only leverage the opportunity of the moment, but to do it in ways that expand workers’ organizing and collective power in the process.

As you read this report, remember that despite our massive gains, there is still so much work to be done. The powers governed by corporate greed will stop at nothing to maximize profits and rollback our progress. 

And as always, please remember that none of our work would be possible without your support. Thank you for being so committed to workers, and thank you for your commitment to Jobs With Justice.  

Onward to 2024!

Table of Contents

  1. Year of the Worker
  2. Sustaining Equitable Communities: A worker-centered campaign for Industrial Democracy
  3. Expanding Protections and Combatting Exploitation in the Workplace
  4. Advancing Black Strategists Initiative Reaches New Heights
  5. The Labor Movement Demands a Ceasefire
  6. No Contract, No Coffee!
  7. Welcoming Co-Deputy Directors
  8. 2023 Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Awards Ceremony