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Paying off your student debt can be hard, and not just because of how much it costs. I’ve heard many stories about how student loan servicers (the company that sends you bills each month) can make the process of paying off your loans even more difficult. I hear from people… Read More»

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Update (10/30/2015): This week, the Obama administration finalized rules that ban fees on debit cards given to students as part of their federal financial aid. These new standards, which go into effect next July, will eliminate charges for overdrafts and other fees, and require card companies to make sure that students… Read More»

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It’s the time of the year when many similar stories surface announcing that this year’s class of graduating students will hold the most debt on record. Almost identical articles were written last year, and they will likely be written again next year. Yes, the class of 2015 holds the unfortunate… Read More»

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This past January, the insurance giant Aetna announced that it would raise its minimum wage to $16 an hour, and in late April, these raises finally made it into its employees’ pockets. As part of an effort to reduce the stress faced by front-line customer service associates in addressing their… Read More»