April 25, 2017

Natalie Patrick-Knox

Worksite and Community Raids – Resource Hub

As the Trump administration aggressively ramps up deportations, community advocates are coming together to protect their immigrant co-workers, friends, and neighbors. More worksite raids are expected as part of Trump’s overreaching immigration enforcement efforts. Union organizers, labor and human rights advocates, and grassroots activists need to be equipped with best practices to respond to anyone impacted by a workplace raid. Even rumors of raids can destabilize communities, silence whistleblowers from speaking out against abuse on the job, and reduce the chances that people will unite together for a better life.

Jobs With Justice has created an online information sharing portal to post and exchange resources to defend workers’ rights against trumped-up immigration enforcement. Our hub features a variety of materials to support immigrants in the workplace, guidance on building rapid response teams to prepare for raids, tools for organizing local business and employers in dealing with ICE, proactive policy and advocacy solutions to implement, and more.

To gain access to the hub, connect with community and labor organizers across the country, and be alerted to upcoming trainings, contact Natalie at jwj dot org.

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