September 17, 2014

Jonathan Williams

Who’s next?

1 Comment on “Who’s next?”

  1. Carlo

    I think that this is great. So many people today are being cheated out of payment when they are actually sick. Sometimes their sickness is deadly and that employee can’t do anything about it. Think of it this way. What if there was a mom who found out she had cancer and didn’t have much longer to live. She has two children and is divorced and the father wants nothing to do with them. She is working so hard to support her family, but will soon have to quit to undergo treatment. On the other hand there is a highschool student who has just started working and still gets payed when he never does anything at his job. He slacks off, steals from work, and doesn’t put in the required effort. The workers out there who truly care about their jobs and have a family to support should be payed on the days when they honestly cannot make it to work.

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