Get Ready For Issue 2 of PTO!

Solarpunk at Work

Submission window June 20-July 4, 2022

Check out our submission guidelines for this issue at solarpunkmagazine.com/submissions

For this issue, we will be joined by editors of Solarpunk magazine, and look forward to curating the issue with other visionary artists and movement partners! Stipends available for accepted submissions.

Loving our first volume? Excited for PTO to be released online? Well, radical imagination won’t stop there. Our next submission window will open in late June and we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Solarpunk Magazine for issue 2! Stay up to date with Solarpunk  @solarpunklitmag on Twitter and Instagram, and find submission guidelines for the joint issue at solarpunkmagazine.com/submissions.

PTO Digital Edition

PTO Issue #1 Online Edition