MacKenzie River Foy

Creative Content Producer

mackenzieriver (at)

MacKenzie conceptualizes and produces media for the various campaigns, initiatives, and platforms of Jobs with Justice’s national office. Using storytelling and archival strategies, she creates content that reclaims space for Black, Indigenous, and queer folks within the labor movement, while uplifting the empowering ways we can navigate economic relationships as workers. It is her lane as an organizer to cultivate radical imaginations and speculate blueprints for the future of work in the United States — she sees this as both a historical intervention and a worldbuilding practice. She hopes to bring her culture work to JWJ to shift the discourse surrounding organized labor and economic democracy in the United States.

Her experiences working on various levels of digital, print, film and stage productions as well as working within the food industry informs her interest in workers rights. She is a graduate of Georgetown University’s American Studies Program (2019), and a former organizing fellow at DC Jobs with Justice and Collective Action for Safe Spaces. MacKenzie will talk to you about ancestral knowledge, speculative fiction, and culture work for as long as you let her, but it might save you some time if you can get your hands on a copy of her culinary fiction zine, Village X.