Workers at the Modelama garment factory in Gurgaon, India, protest after 17 workers were fired after forming the Modelama Workers Union. This type of retaliation is common in the garment industry, where very few workers are organized. Workers called on delegates from the United Workers Congress (UWC), who had organized a fact-finding mission, to use their power to hold US-based Gap Inc. responsible for upholding the right to organize for all workers–permanent and contract workers–on its international supply chain. UWC representatives committed to exposing and stopping worker retaliation abroad and at home.

Post by Roger Sikes, Lead Organizer, Atlanta Jobs with Justice A delegation of the United Workers Congress met with Illegally fired garment workers at a Gap Inc. textile supplier called Modelama Exports in Gurgaon, India. The area outside of the factory was bustling with activity from garment workers, traffic from… Read More»

  During the last two weeks of February, the United Workers Congress (UWC) is sending a small delegation to India, including three representatives from Jobs with Justice. The purpose of the trip is to introduce the United Workers Congress as a growing platform projecting the voices of workers not protected… Read More»