If you’ve never been in a union, chances are the concept is pretty foreign. When it comes to understanding unions, collective bargaining, and labor laws, the technical jargon can get really confusing, not to mention all of the misinformation about unions that’s regularly spread around. This quick tutorial gives the… Read More»

New Report Features Current & Former FedEx Ground Drivers Describing Discriminatory Practices and Unionbusting Efforts CONTACTS: Liz Cattaneo, 202-822-2127 x104 Mistique Cano, 202-263-2882 WASHINGTON, DC – “Fed Up with FedEx: How FedEx Ground Tramples Workers’ Rights and Civil Rights,” a report that documents how FedEx appears to misclassify… Read More»

New report uncovers how employers exploit weakness in U.S. labor law during union recognition elections CONTACT: Liz Cattaneo 202-822-2127 x104 WASHINGTON, DC – A new report released today by American Rights at Work reveals how telecom giant Verizon has broken the law to thwart workers’ freedom to form unions… Read More»