February 22, 2013

Jobs With Justice

Florida Judges Rule Earned Sick Time Referendum Was Unlawfully Kept Off Ballot

By Denise Diaz, Executive Director, Central Florida Jobs with Justice

Democracy speaks loud and clear!

Last Friday, a three-judge panel ruled that Orange County commissioners broke the law by refusing to put an earned sick time referendum on the ballot in November, effectively suppressing the voices of 50,000 voters in the county.

Many months following the revelation that county commissioners were texting corporate lobbyists during supposedly open public meetings, the courts came back with a major ruling.

The Earned Sick Time ballot initiative  was unlawfully kept from being voted on and now must be put on the ballot for the 2014 primary election. This is major progress in winning a policy that would improve the lives of thousands of workers that currently do not have this safety net policy.


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