Beyond the Weekend

February 28, 2012

New data reveals how unions benefit communities, consumers, employers, and employees As the assault on workers’ rights reaches a fever pitch, positive messages about unions are few and far between. To push back against this trend, American Rights at Work Education Fund has produced and funded five new reports revealing… Read More»

Community Workforce Provisions: A Tool for Building Middle Class Careers

October 6, 2011

When it comes to creating jobs to jump-start our nation’s economy, we have to ensure they are good, family-sustaining jobs that offer career advancement. Construction projects have the opportunity to do just that—especially when they utilize opportunities to employ traditionally disadvantaged communities and local workers. A new study by Cornell… Read More»

Creating Hourly Careers: A New Vision for Walmart and the Country

January 19, 2011

“Creating Hourly Careers: A New Vision for Walmart and the Country” exposes the barriers to career development at the country’s most powerful retailer, and makes the case for a new way of doing business. Rather than finding opportunities for professional growth, Walmart associates are faced with a cap on wages,… Read More»

Unions & Business: Surviving the Recession Together

May 6, 2010

Strong partnerships with workers and unions help companies stay afloat in a tough economy Decreased demand for products and services, healthcare costs, increased domestic competition, and difficulty attracting investors are just some of the most pressing obstacles affecting businesses’ financial stability, according to a recent poll by the Society for… Read More»

Business Leaders Support Workers’ Rights and a Fair Economy

March 24, 2010

Business leaders from around the country recognize the important role unions can play in restoring balance to our faltering economy. These employers, investors, and academics see unions as a way to achieve long-term economic growth and stability. » Download as a PDF: Business Leaders Support Workers’ Rights and a Fair Economy Employers… Read More»

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Jobs With Justice produces research that supports campaigns to raise standards for workers, as well as research that informs the public discourse on workers’ rights and an economy that works for everyone. Our recent research has been used to underscore the need for immigration reform, expose employer abuses of workers’ rights, and highlight ways in which public employees have improved how government runs. Our research is regularly used by policymakers, mentioned by major news outlets, and cited by workers’ rights advocates. Additionally, through the management of the Labor Research and Action Network, we connect labor scholars with practitioners, enabling them to provide credible research and expertise that can make a difference in the lives of workers.