May 6, 2010

Jobs With Justice

Unions & Business: Surviving the Recession Together

Strong partnerships with workers and unions help companies stay afloat in a tough economy

Decreased demand for products and services, healthcare costs, increased domestic competition, and difficulty attracting investors are just some of the most pressing obstacles affecting businesses’ financial stability, according to a recent poll by the Society for Human Resource Management. But employers from across the country are finding that strong labor-management partnerships are helping them stay in business in the midst of this economic downturn.

Large and small businesses from many sectors of the economy have invested in and rely upon employees and their unions to address workplace and industry challenges. Together, unions and employers are improving efficiency, lowering costs, enhancing worker-training programs, developing new energy solutions, and expanding markets. The employers profiled here find their close relationships with their workers’ unions to be critical to their continued success. These four companies are just a few examples of the many ways labor-management partnerships are leading to innovative and practical solutions which are good for workers and for the bottom line.

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