June 8, 2018

Jobs With Justice

Statement in Response to Ohio ICE Raids

On Tuesday, June 6, 2018, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and U.S. Border Patrol raided two Corso’s Flower & Garden Center locations in Ohio. Despite DHS officials reporting that the raid was conducted to investigate the employer, agents detained more than 100 employees in a militarized operation, and Corso’s re-opened for business a few hours later.

At Jobs With Justice, we fight for the rights of undocumented Americans. This important group lives in our communities and contributes to our economy. We oppose unscrupulous employers unfairly profiting from a broken immigration system that persists in pushing these vulnerable people and their families even deeper into the shadows.

This raid, among others, instills widespread fear that has long-term consequences. The ripple effects are numerous, and include workers feeling scared to report wage theft, dangerous work conditions, and other abuses. All told, this makes all working people less safe. Our nation’s leaders must safeguard civil, labor, and human rights for all people working in this country – and stop threatening these democratic principles.

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